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5 Design Trends For 2022

Are you ready for 2022? With this new year comes a whole new set of design trends to look out for! Read the blog to find out what trends to expect.

Donation Page 101 - 7 Tips To Increase Donations

If you are a nonprofit focusing on online fundraising, check out these donation page tips to increase your donations and grow your organization.

Is It OK To Use Stock Photos On My Website?

Answering the top question we get, Is it OK to use stock photos on my website? We’re sharing our top reasons to use real photos instead of stock photos on your website.

SEO Starter Tips to Reach More People with Your Website

Here are 7 Practical SEO Tips For Nonprofits and churches to Rank Higher on Google. These SEO starter tips will help improve your rankings, which means your message will reach more people.

5 Inspiring Church Website Headline Examples

When it comes to church websites, we only get a moment to make a powerful first impression. In this post, you'll find 5 different church websites with great main headlines at the top of the page. Use these to inspire you!

6 Essentials for Your Church Website

A website is your church's most important marketing tool – and there are 6 church website essentials that every ministry needs to have on their digital front door.

7 Ways to Grow Your Church

Church outreach in the last decade definitely looks a lot different than it did in First Century Jerusalem.