7 Ways to Grow Your Church

Clint Rogers


Clint Rogers


7 Ways to Grow Your Church

Church outreach in the last decade definitely looks a lot different than it did in First Century Jerusalem.

  • Virtual church services
  • Guided prayer videos
  • Online small groups

Imagine the impact that would have been made in the Eastern world if Paul the Apostle had an Instagram page with thousands of followers!

Hypothetical scenarios aside, it is truly astounding to see how fortunate the church is to have the methods we have to spread the hope of Jesus.

With the click of a button, anyone can access sermons and content from churches all over the world.

We are truly living in a moment where reaching others with the message of Jesus is not just confined to meeting in a physical space, but it is available to everyone. With this change in the church, there will always be resistance to where the church is headed. But what we are seeing is that an essential component to church growth is digital content.

While physical gatherings are the primary driving force for the strength and impact of the church, digital gatherings and content provide a way for churches to reach those they otherwise wouldn't reach a Sunday service. Digital truly is one of the most excellent methods the church can utilize to grow in the modern-day.

How do you utilize digital content such as graphics, videos, and social media when you don't have the budget or the people to create content?

That is precisely where Pro Media Fire comes in.

We understand that hiring a videographer, graphic designer, social media manager, and web developer requires a lot of resources. Also, finding creatives who are both proficient in their field and sold out to your church's mission is another challenge.

Pro Media Fire gives you an entire, talented creative team at your fingertips for less than the cost of a staff hire.

We are a cloud-based creative team that works with you remotely to create content for your church or ministry. We want to help you capture the attention of your audience and increase growth in your community through digital.

As we approach summertime, a season where churches notoriously have decreased attendance, we want to help your church to grow during this season! Through our digital services, we can help you reach people, keep them coming back, and build your congregation. Here are 7 ways you can grow your church with Pro Media Fire services this summer.



Before we get into some of the other Pro Media Fire services, we would be amiss to first mention one of the most important things you need for church growth: a fantastic website. Many churches and organizations tend to skimp out on a quality website due to the high cost of building and maintaining it. Pro Web Fire, a sister company of Pro Media Fire, exists to ignite church growth through high quality, custom-made websites.

Church websites are the new front door of the church. People will most of the time, check out your online presence before they actually step in your physical church.

As we've seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, the church's online presence is the only way someone will visit your church.

Regardless, your website is where newcomers learn about who you are, what you value, and what a typical Sunday service may look like if they choose to attend.

The point is, you need a quality website, and Pro Web Fire will supply you with just that. We don't just use a drag and drop template website with little room for customization, we have professional web developers that custom tailors your site in a way that makes it stand out from the crowd. We create for a website that is user friendly, boosts your online presence, and can be easily updated without hassle.

You can choose from one of 3 plans for your website that fits all of your online needs. Click here to learn more about our Pro Web Fire plans.



Many major companies in the past few years have done complete and total rebrands. Companies including Mastercard, The Huffington Post, and even Taco Bell have traded their old logos for a new look. There is a myriad of reasons to rebrand. Maybe you want to refine how your church presents to your audience, be relevant to culture, or only as a fresh start for your church.

Rebranding is a huge decision, especially if your church is decades old and has been working with the same brand theme for a long time.

Ultimately, rebranding can be a massive component in your church's growth and help you refine much of what makes up your church's identity.

Our digital team can help you to curate a brand new logo and color palette that fits with your church. This new logo can be universally utilized online and is aesthetically pleasing. Rebranding is more than merely implementing an updated logo, however. Our Pro Web Fire team can also help you out with a rebrand through a brand new website and SEO tags that are relevant to your church and will help people find you online.



We live in a sound-bite society. As our attention spans dwindle, the need for high-quality video is of the utmost importance, especially for churches. For churches to grow, they need to adapt to the culture and what the next generation is interested in.

You don't need to change the message to reach people, but you do need to be willing to change your methods.

Recent studies have shown that 89% of Generation Zers use YouTube, 74% use Instagram and 68% use Snapchat weekly.

The visual experience is taking precedence over textual content, such as is found on Facebook and Twitter, especially for the younger generation.

Video is the future, and it is an excellent way to share your church's mission with the world. Pro Media Fire's incredible video team can help your church by creating videos that highlight your events, promotions, and services. Our video fire plan can create videos customized for social media and sermon series as well. Along with video creation comes unlimited revisions, a dedicated video team, and a 300-second max length for videos.



Social media is one of the most incredible tools for a church to utilize because almost all of your church is most likely on at least 1 social media platform. However, you will have to consider which social media sites are best suited for your particular target audience. Pro Media Fire can help you out through our full-scale social media services, which will keep your Facebook and Instagram feeds filled with inspiring content.

The Social Fire Plan includes an entire social media management plan and includes graphics, captions, and an option for us to post your content. Our plan consists of a DNA Style Guide, 5 weekly custom posts, and a dedicated social team. You don't have to worry about figuring out content or posting consistently, we can do all of the work for you!


An essential part of showcasing what your church has to offer on social media, your website, and in-house is through compelling, quality graphics. Graphics can be extremely time-consuming to create on your own and let's be honest, you didn't quite go to school for design.

You can highlight your latest sermon series or upcoming event through custom made graphics created by Pro Media Fire's graphics team.

Our team understands current design trends and will work, with guidance under your vision, to create incredible graphics for your church.

You can utilize the Design Fire Plan to get monthly print designs, sermon series designs, and more with unlimited revisions and the source files included so you can access the designs directly.



With all of this talk of websites, social media management, and graphics, you may feel a bit... lost. As a leader in your church, you live and breathe the mission of your church. You understand your goals, values, and vision more than anyone, you just don't quite know how to execute your vision digitally.

We want to lend a helping hand through our digital strategy team, who will help guide you along the way and ignite growth in your church.

When you choose any plan with Pro Media Fire, you will be paired with an account manager with whom you can schedule a meeting at any time. You have full access to our creative directors, graphic designers, and media producers who will help you plan out strategies for graphics, videos, social, and your website.

Our goal is to walk alongside you and serve you at a high level, and we will go above and beyond to do that!



In a 2017 Gallup study, a group was surveyed on what characteristics were a factor in why they attended church or a place of worship. Out of this group, 76% said that "sermons or talks that teach you more about scripture" was a major determinant of their church attendance. The "connection between religion and life" was a major determinant for 75% of those surveyed.

If they teach us anything, it is that people still care about understanding Scripture and about religion, making an impact on their personal lives. Those who have been Christians for years, brand new believers, and skeptics alike all generally desire one thing: authenticity.

The days of passive consumerism in the church are beginning to fade away, and people are genuinely interested in authentic, life-changing Christianity.

The responsibility of sharing Scripture and life application does not just rest on the shoulders of the lead communicator of your church - it takes a team. In our digital age, the possibilities are endless on how we share the good news of Jesus with those who need hope. However, your creative team may be overwhelmed with the options, or you may not even have a creative team. Pro Media Fire can help you add quality to the message through branded series graphic, sermon bumper videos, original social posts, and social video promos during a sermon series.

Acts 6 highlights the importance of teamwork and the outplaying of the different parts of the Body of Christ. The disciples were in the thick of ministry and were growing more and more every day. There came a time, however, where an issue arose - Jewish widows were being overlooked in food distribution. This small but meaningful issue propelled the disciples into expanding their team and assigning others to do the day-to-day work in the ministry. While the disciples were responsible for the preaching of the word, others were added to attend to help the community with their own gifts and wisdom.

What does this have to do with your church community? The same scenario can be related to how a team works in the church. Your pastor's primary job is to preach and minister the word, but dozens of other responsibilities and duties are vital to the church for its overall growth. Ultimately, we see the necessity of having gifted team members who are full of the Spirit and wisdom and who are willing to serve. It takes a team to support the lead communicator and maximize the impact of the message in-service and online.

We are that team, and we want to help you to share the message in a relevant and impactful way!

Today the sound system of the church is not the amplifier of the message, it is the creative framework of repurposing the content, the story, and the media to impact the world beyond the weekend services. It is a team that takes the message to the world beyond the pulpit.

At Pro Media Fire, we are honored to be a part of the team helping churches taking the life-changing message of Christ to the world!

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