The Best Color Schemes For Church Websites

Janine Dueck


Janine Dueck


February 4, 2022

The Best Color Schemes For Church Websites

We have to come right out and say it: we love a good church website!

Websites are by far the most important aspect of a church's digital strategy, and they have evolved over the years. They are no longer just a static storage bin with mindless information; they are the very place that outsiders get a real feel of what your community is about. 

Websites are the front door to the church: they are the first impression potential visitors get of your community!

There is a great opportunity to tie in your branding characteristics when crafting your church website. (This is equivalent to matching your front door to fit the vibe of your indoor decorations). You can bring everything full circle by utilizing your brand logo, fonts, and especially colors.

This blog is dedicated to the churches out there who just totally get fantastic website color schemes! Their intentionality with color choice, fonts, spacing, and more make their church “front doors” give an impactful first impression.

Bright Neon (Union Church)

Right out of the gate, we see a church that knows how to bring a bit of color to its front door!

Much of the early 90s Internet was marked by fun shapes and bright, neon colors. This style tended to be an eyesore much of the time, but Union Church brings a bit of redemption to the usage of neon.

This church’s website keeps a few minimalist styles with round shapes and textures. Within this simple foundation, they throw splashes of fun and bright colors. These neon colors are toned down, so they aren’t a huge eyesore. They also are not used as the main element of the website design. Instead, the neon highlights important information like their mission statement, campus locations, and webpage buttons.

The best part is you can tell that this vibrant vibe isn’t reserved for just their website – it is a part of the church’s DNA! Their header video and other images feature brightly colored backgrounds and elements as well. The harmony of the colors of this website, without overdoing the neon, works super well.

Warm & Colorful (Church on the Move)

What can we say, we just love when a church uses color well! Church on the Move brings a fun and youthful vibe with a fun, colorful, and simple color palette. This palette brings in several different shades of the complementary colors aqua and red-orange. 

Much of their website’s images are more toned down and warmer in color, which blends well with the pops of color present in different sections. 

Their use of their main brand colors to break up sections of white space is a great example of how to use color to alter the flow of a webpage. In addition, the palette of the website merges well with their community photos which also feature different shades of aqua and red-orange. 

Overall, this website is colorful without overdoing it, and the colors work in perfect harmony with the other textual, shape, and image elements.

Moody & Urban (People Church)

Let’s take a little break from the world of color to highlight a church website that takes moody tones to a whole other level! People Church of Chicago has made websites look cool again. 

While our first two websites bring in pops of colors, People Church’s site keeps it simple with moody tones and a sparse amount of bright colors. The colors they do use, red and mustard, are much darker and fit the church's style.

While lacking in major colors, this website does a great job mixing texture, light, and shapes with different black and white shades. The urban feel of the website works perfectly for a church that is stationed in other major cities like Toronto and Barcelona.

Light & Airy Contrast (Amplify Church)

Amplify Church of Pittsburgh does an excellent job at pairing together calm and cool colors, rich textures, and contrast of colors on their website. The way the colors of their website work together brings a beautiful light and airy vibe, with a bit of dark contrasting elements.

The combination of urban building elements and wide-open spaces (skies, brick backdrops, etc.) go well with the chosen color palette of the website. Many of the colors are very cooled down and there are far fewer bright, poppy colors than our first few website examples.

Overall, Amplify’s website is calm and tranquil, light and airy, and uses subtle colors to bring it all together. It is a good all-encompassing “front door” to their church building which also has the contrast of light and air with contrasting dark colors.

Basic with A Pop of Color (Red Rocks Church)

It’s no question that starting your website with a basic black and white color scheme is a wise starting point. This basic foundation almost serves as the “primer” layer you put on the walls before adding color and details.

Red Rocks Church takes this foundational color approach and brings a splash of color to the mix. Their vibrant red-orange color is the main constant of their website. And beyond their website, it's clear it's a huge part of their branding. We see that same vibrant color in their logo, church decorations, and even their teams jerseys. 

The red-orange is utilized on the website to highlight important pages, statements, and the general navigation as well. While there are other colorful pictures, the red-orange is the main statement color seen throughout the entire website.

Vibrant Pastels (Hill City Church)

Hill City Church’s website is another fun example of bringing together the basics with fun color, but this time, we’re highlighting their use of pastels!

Pastel colors are an interesting choice for digital design because they aren’t used as much as bolder, bright colors. This site’s use of pastels works because they are a bit more saturated with color than normal. The pastel colors are also used to highlight important information and as background colors on some of the website’s pages.

Although the color palette is broad, it works exceptionally well with the images and videos Hill City features on their website. Their staff photo page, in particular, uses color to highlight the fun and youthful atmosphere of the church. 

Although a bit more eclectic than previously mentioned palettes, this unique use of pastels works super well for Hill City and makes for a captivating and exciting church website.

Shades of Blue (Northview Church)

Last on our list of the best color schemes for church websites we have a perfect example of monochromatic design. We go into depth about monochromatic design in this blog, but in short, this genre of color scheme utilizes a base color and the different tints, shades, and tones of that color. 

Monochromatic design is fun because you can bring diversity without actually straying from one base color. For Northview Church, they use pure cyan as their base color and different variations and shades. These variations are anchored by plain white and charcoal colors throughout their website too.

The website features very fun shapes and colorful photography that meshes beautifully with the vibrant cyan and cooled-down shades of it. In summary, this church is killing the monochromatic color game with its website design!

This list of church websites has shown endless different ways to use color schemes in your website design. You can go all out in color, keep things warm, bring a bit of moodiness, or even add pops of color here and there. 

Whatever scheme you choose for your website, you want to make sure that it adheres to your church branding and represents the feel and atmosphere your church has. Remember, your website is the front door of your church! So make sure it’s painted in a way that best gives a glimpse into what to expect on the inside.
Not sure how to tackle your website’s color palette? Head over to PMF Creative to get the expert help to design and launch your website, so your website can truly represent the passion of your team, the heart behind your mission, and the impact you have on your community.

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