5 Inspiring Church Website Headline Examples

Clint Rogers


Clint Rogers


July 16, 2021

5 Inspiring Church Website Headline Examples

If you’ve been around long enough, you know that we are super passionate about digital media! We know that prioritizing our online presence is essential for organizations, especially in this day and age of the World Wide Web. 

If you’re a church, having an online presence is vital to both spreading the word about your church and spreading the Good News of Jesus! Utilizing a website especially helps your church to impact more people than you can reach on just a Sunday morning service inside your four walls.

A website is the front door of your church. It is where first impressions happen and people get to know you for who you are before even stepping foot inside your building. If your website is the front door, your website headline could be viewed as the welcome mat!

What does your welcome mat say? 

Does it include your vision, a picture of your personality, or is it bland and boring with no captivating words?

Whatever it might be, church website headlines can be key in bringing together the overall personality of your home page. And they act as a first impression for your visitors.

The famous advertising revolutionary, David Ogilvy, knew that headlines are the most important element of your copy. He famously said “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

We want to give you a few examples of some incredible church website headlines that bring some personality and speak to the vibe of each church. Check it out!

1. First Baptist Church Indian Trail

The first on our list is a Baptist church out of North Carolina that makes their headline the central focus of their website homepage. Their site is fitted with a wonderful rotating video of their church community with 4 simple words over the video: Everyday matters. You matter.

If you’re someone visiting a church for the very first time (or the first time in a long time) these are the types of words you may need to hear. First Baptist Church does a job of simplifying the message of Jesus into words that truly invite people in. These words are simple, sweet, and powerful and the perfect headline for a church website.

2. Christ Lutheran Church

Another example of an excellent church website headline can be found on the website for another North Carolina native. Christ Lutheran’s website homepage is fun and colorful to complement their fun and colorful logo, and it also features a rotating video that highlights community moments.

The words found on their headline say “Christ Lutheran. Different expressions. One congregation.” This headline is quite different from a typical headline as it states an important characteristic not many people highlight: their diversity. 

Christ Lutheran wants to make it known that while every believer expresses their faith differently, unity can still happen! No matter how you worship or who you are, you are still welcome!

3. Grey Stone Church

This church does a great job at bringing its mission and vision to the forefront of their homepage (and your mind)! Grey Stone Church’s site features another lovely header video that sums up what life is like within this community. They include a simple welcome over the video, but below they pack a bunch with a few important words: You matter to God. You matter to us.

This motto leaves quite an impression. Grey Stone hones in on the Gospel and the importance we all have in God’s eyes. Even more than this, they make you feel like you are a part of the family. 

Being told the words “you matter” is extremely rare, and to be told this by a church can have a profound impact. This headline is simple, inviting, and extremely encouraging and is another example of a perfect “welcome mat.”

4. Lifehouse Church

Lifehouse Church, a church in the great state of Maryland, is another example of a church with a killer website and incredible headline. The church’s header video gives you a sneak peek into what a typical Sunday service looks like and the beautiful diversity found in the church. Placed right over this video are these words: Real life begins here.

For many people in this post-Christian world, church doesn’t seem like it can add much value to your life. People may not understand how church can actually enhance their daily living. They may even think it is a place full of phonies. But, Lifehouse Church wants to make a major statement: they are about real life! 

This headline invites the viewer to discover what it would mean to be their authentic self in a church context. This short statement is powerful and gives a really good picture of who Lifehouse Church is.

5. St. Matthew Lutheran Church

The last on our list of incredible church website headline examples is a church out of California that makes a big statement on its homepage. St. Matthew Lutheran Church makes it pretty clear what they’re about as enforced by the words of their headline: Jesus in us.

This headline differs from some of the previous ones where it is not necessarily a “welcome mat” statement, but it does speak loudly about the core beliefs and values of St. Matthew. This statement sits big and bold directly on top of the page with a beautiful scenic landscape in the background. Their headline is sure to make a huge impression on anyone that views it!

The front door of your church website literally sets the stage for your visitor. It acts as the first impression and may make or break whether they actually explore the rest of your website and even open the door to your physical church.

Having a stellar “welcome mat” can both enhance the general look of your homepage and act as a “sticky statement” for your visitors to know your church. A helpful piece of advice is to weave your church’s mission statement or major value point into the website headline. Give them a bit of a peek at what you are all about and will be golden!

Do you need help with your church’s front door i.e. your church website? We want to help you out! 

PMF Creative created all of the websites listed in this blog and can help you curate an incredible website too. We want to help ignite your growth and make the biggest impact possible online. Contact us today to get started!

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