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5 Creative Ad Campaign Ideas For Giving Tuesday 2021

Need some inspiration for your non-profit’s Giving Tuesday campaign? Check out some of the best giving campaigns we’ve encountered!

Finding Your Tribe

Finding your tribe – the community that just works – is key to successful and sustainable growth as an organization. Who is your tribe?

Areas of Opportunity Your Church May Be Missing

We find ourselves in a very unique time in the history of the church. Over the past 6 months, the Church has faced and learned to adapt to a new way of church operation. We have shifted from our largely in-person model to a fully online experience and even a mixture of digital and in-person. Wherever your church finds itself on the spectrum of how you operate, the same thing remains true: we are all out of our element in this season.

Best Practices for Online Ministry

Over the last decade or so, online ministry has given churches the unique ability to reach people far beyond their four walls. When done well, church online has the capacity to grow your attendance, strengthen your giving, and increase your impact in a world that is desperate for Jesus.

5 Methods to Reach People Through Digital At Home

Churches are among the many gathering places that have been directly impacted by this crisis. Our communities, which primarily thrive off of our Sunday gatherings, have been forced to learn a new way of existing. Churches all across the world have needed to make a drastic change over to digital.