The Church Emergency - 5 Ways to Overcome Decline

Clint Rogers


Clint Rogers


February 24, 2023

The Church Emergency - 5 Ways to Overcome Decline

One of the major challenges facing churches is the rise of zombies. There is a spiritually numb generation walking the streets, ok to skip church, live in sin and conform to cultural norms calling them truth. This is normality.

These are Christians that once were full of life, but today they look more like the walking dead.

Even some in the pews are affected by the virus and are numb to the needs of others serving in local congregations. It has created a volunteer crisis for the church and a declining attendance for services.

The good news is there is a way to overcome the numbness and cure this cancer spreading like wildfire within the four walls of the church.

1. Light the Fire

If a marriage is struggling, the first thing is to get back to the basics. A situation could require counseling or heavy heart work, but no matter how deep the issue, the fire must be lit. The passion that started the relationship must be stoked, and the best place to start is with you, not the other party.

This is the same with the church. God's love and passion for us is constant. If the church is growing cold, then start with you. The leadership and team need to press into God, to pray and to light the fire. The awakening and passion starts with YOU..

Remember fire is contagious. It is easy to blame others for leaving a church and for the decline. The real work is to take responsibility as leadership and light the fires. Let God ignite the hearts of the leadership team, the worship, the sermons and every aspect of the church.

That fire will bring renewal, fresh vision and life. It will awaken the walking dead and transform lives by the power of the Holy Spirit.

2. Start a Revolution of Love

Begin to love the people that others pass by in your city. Create a revolution of love that goes beyond the walls of the church into the businesses, schools and every facet of the culture in your area.

Jesus loved the sinners, the hopeless and the broken in society. Let generosity and love be seen from your congregation everywhere in the city.

To start such a movement will take organization, intention and communication to stir the hearts and minds of the people. The result will be like a flood of love, hope and peace pouring into your city once it begins. The results will be life changing for the hurting in your area.

3. Take a Stand

The churches that will grow in the days ahead will be bold in what they believe. A reliance on God, the scriptures and taking a stand will speak volumes to the hearts of those that are lost in an anything goes culture.

Those that stand for Christ in the days ahead will be a pillar to the lost and hurting. Such churches will be the place the hurting and lost run to when things get hard.

Bold churches will only grow while churches infected with the virus of decline and apathy will eventually close their doors.

4. Be the Church

Be the church!  It sounds simple but changes a city and will result in a strong community helping families to do life better.

As the world continues to fall apart and into chaos, believers will find shelter in the Lord and in their community. Church will be a center for healing of the broken and part of the life blood of the city.

The church will thrive and impact the city in the midst of madness in society. The walking dead will begin to want the vaccine that can only be found from those radical Jesus followers who don’t judge, but love in an indescribable way.

5. Amplify It

The website, social media and the power of digital will spread the fire. It will become a light and beacon to the community.

Every modern means of communication will become important in saving lives in the midst of this emergency. The responsibility of a church that catches on fire will be to broadcast it, to share it and take this transformation to the world.

The key is it all starts with leadership, making the decision to pray, to stop the virus that is spreading in hearts, and dare to catch on fire for God.

“Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.  - 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NLT)

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