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5 Ways To Increase Your Creativity

Does creating feel difficult sometimes? As creatives - designers, writers, artists - we often rely on our creativity and creative skills to create new work. Read our top 5 tips to help increase your creativity!

3 Things Millennials Are Looking for in Your Church

Millennials are pushing the Church to do things differently. We’re sharing with you three things millennials want from a church, so you can reach them for Christ.

What happens AFTER Easter? How to reach people beyond Sunday

7 powerful Bible verses for encouraging new Christians in the Easter season. These seven Bible verses offer encouragement to readers and build on the message shared on Easter Sunday.

5 Marketing Facts That Will Change Your Digital Strategy

Whether your church or ministry is new to digital or very experienced, these five marketing facts will transform your digital strategy

Mourning With Those Who Mourn

It’s the shortest verse in the Scriptures. It is just two words, but these two words are among the most profound and important words we could ever read. Jesus wept.