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5 Simple Tricks to Reach Youth on Social Media

Pastors and parents everywhere want to know how to reach Generation Z, now in their teens and twenties. We’re sharing 5 simple tricks to reach and connect with Gen Z online.

7 Reasons Why Churches Will Close Their Doors the Next Decade

The global pandemic of 2020 truly took the world, and especially the United States of America, by storm. The pandemic caused a huge economic collapse, the loss of millions of jobs, it infected and took the lives of thousands, and caused a wave of fear to take over the country. Although there is hope that the pandemic is loosening its grip, the consequences of it will be seen for years to come.

5 Questions to Ask When Creating Online Content

The digital world is flooded with content, content, and more content. As more people find themselves online than ever, our church communities and organizations must meet people where they are: online.

How To Use Video To Reach People Online

The early 2000s were marked by the popularity of personal blogs and podcasts. Anyone with a working computer or microphone could easily voice their opinion about virtually anything via the World Wide Web. Then in 2005, YouTube came on the scene.

5 Ways to Be Relevant in Culture with Creativity

As pastor and leadership guru Carey Nieuwhof puts it, “irrelevance is the gap between how quickly you change and how quickly things change.” Irrelevance is continuously knocking at the door, especially in the modern-day, where the ways we communicate are ever-evolving and expanding.