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What You Can Do TODAY For Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is fast approaching. Do you have a plan in place? We’re sharing our top tips for what you can do today to make Giving Tuesday better.

6 Practical Tips for Giving Tuesday Planning For Non-Profits

This guide contains 6 practical tips for your nonprofit can take to plan and develop a fundraising strategy for #GivingTuesday.

7 Deadly Sins of Church Giving

In this blog, we'll explore seven deadly sins of giving for churches. While they won't kill you, they can make your fundraising more frustrating and limit your church growth.

6 Strategies For Churches To Increase Donations Online

Looking to use your church’s digital presence to meet your fundraising goals? Churches are in a powerful position to influence others online. When it comes to increasing generosity and donations to your church, there are strategies you can use today!