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7 Deadly Sins of Church Giving

In this blog, we'll explore seven deadly sins of giving for churches. While they won't kill you, they can make your fundraising more frustrating and limit your church growth.

3 Things Millennials Are Looking for in Your Church

Millennials are pushing the Church to do things differently. We’re sharing with you three things millennials want from a church, so you can reach them for Christ.

6 Things Churches Can Learn From Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is an interconnected community of entrepreneurs and leaders, and there are 6 things the church can learn from this area to further growth and innovation.

5 Ways to Reach More People This Easter

Easter is an ideal time to reach more people in your community. Here are a few tips for reaching more people, inviting them to your Easter service, and growing your church.

7 Reasons Why Churches Will Close Their Doors the Next Decade

The global pandemic of 2020 truly took the world, and especially the United States of America, by storm. The pandemic caused a huge economic collapse, the loss of millions of jobs, it infected and took the lives of thousands, and caused a wave of fear to take over the country. Although there is hope that the pandemic is loosening its grip, the consequences of it will be seen for years to come.

7 Ways to Grow Your Church

Church outreach in the last decade definitely looks a lot different than it did in First Century Jerusalem.