Do you remember in elementary school when we were tasked to make our very own personal collages? Our teacher would lay out stacks upon stacks of magazines, newspapers, and other printed materials. Then we would sort through all of them, cut out the pictures we wanted, and paste them all together in a gorgeous collage on our gigantic poster boards.

Our works of art were visual representations of us – what music we liked, our hobbies, and what animals were our favorite. Collaging has long been a way for us to gather together all sorts of different concepts into one single visual presentation. This art form of collaging is what laid the foundation for the ever-popular social media platform Pinterest.

When you think of social media, what comes to mind is probably the big players like Instagram and Facebook. Still, Pinterest fits snugly into the category of social media and is a platform that is growing in popularity every day. This is because Pinterest appeals to our senses. If you are a visual learner, Pinterest is probably one of your favorite websites.

Pinterest takes the concept of the search engine and transforms it into a curated stream of photos and videos which represent content people often search for. You can find everything from fashion content to recipes to video tutorials. The primary features of Pinterest include the following:

  • A homepage “newsfeed” 
  • The discover page
  • Boards

Similar to Instagram, Pinterest has a general feed that includes a variety of photos and videos. This content is not random – it is specifically curated per user based upon Pinterest’s algorithm. The more you search for or interact with certain images/videos (i.e., pins), the more that type of content will show up on your homepage.

There is also a discover page feature which includes the ability to search for whatever you’d like to explore within one of the pre-created Pinterest categories. These categories also change based upon user activity and shift depending on the season. 

Lastly, we have Pinterest boards. This is why we were talking about elementary makeshift-collage projects before! Boards are one of the most important features of the Pinterest platform because users can curate specific categories of pins together. In addition, the boards serve to organize your pins in a way that makes specific pins easier to find. For example, you may have a “Recipes” board, a  “Fashion” board, and even a “Home Projects” board.

Beyond just for organization purposes, boards can also serve to curate visual elements together in what we’d call a mood board. A mood board is simply a visual arrangement of images, videos, and other materials to evoke a certain style or project a concept. 

Mood boards can be extremely helpful as you nail down a particular style concept for a special project. These are helpful for projects from an interior design scheme for your home to a rebranding project for a client. Overall, mood boards serve as a compass for specific design projects. 

Pinterest boards can be such a valuable tool for everyone, especially those who are enmeshed in the design world. Since you’re reading this blog right now, we can only guess that you’re interested in design and would love to gather more inspiration from others in the field! Look no further. We’ve put together a list of 8 design boards that you absolutely must follow on Pinterest. Check them out and get inspired!

1. Design Ideas by Andrew Walbridge

There is something beautiful about good old-fashioned print design, but we have truly come a long way since the origin of the black and white newspaper. This Pinterest board is a collection of brilliantly designed print materials ranging from magazines to editorials to posters. Walbridge put together a stunning collection of crisp, minimalist designs with a few colorful prints scattered throughout. This board is spot on if you are looking for some great print design inspiration.

2. Collage by Juan Pablo

This Pinterest board features a variety of different collages within the board itself; collages within a collage (collage-ception?). The board includes a ton of unconventional designs that combine photo elements with abstract illustrations and pops of color.

3. For the Love of Type by Laura Morgan

You know we couldn’t forget about you typography fans out there! This Pinterest board is entirely dedicated to the art of typography. Throughout the collection, you will find all sorts of different posters, magazines, and digital elements that all highlight unique typography styles. Several of the pins link directly to downloadable font collections which makes it a helpful source to discover unique font elements.

4. 1-Minute Photoshop Tutorials by Bhailog Digital

If you’re looking for some practical design guidance and not just inspiration, this board by Bhailog Digital is a fantastic one to follow. The designer provides brief videos that feature different design tips and tricks for Photoshop. These videos include helpful content for beginners and even teach you how to incorporate current design trends. Overall, this video-based Pinterest board is a great one for your tool belt.

5. Layout & Branding by Néhémie Dias 

This board is highly eclectic in the types of design elements it includes, but it is a go-to for modern design inspiration for branding especially. Throughout the board, you will find incredible brand logos and styles as well as those logos being utilized in other design elements such as packaging and print. This board features pins that marry both print and digital elements perfectly.

6. Color Palettes by Samantha Madeo

If you’re looking for some major color inspiration, look no further than this gorgeously curated collection of color palettes. If you’re looking for some simple graphics with the colors and their corresponding hex codes you will surely find those, but that’s not all. This board brings many of the featured color palettes to life through real-life photography and a ton of mini-mood boards. In addition, there is a ton of great color branding inspiration found within this collection.

7. Church Merch by Matuzala and Kaitlyn Shelton

Pinterest has long been known as a place for fashion inspiration and this fantastic mood board brings all the trendy fashion merch vibes. The board includes different designs on sweatshirts, shirts, and print materials and is chock full of cool minimalist designs and other unique design elements.

8. Bible Verse Graphics For Social Media by Pro MediaFire

You know we had to include a shameless plug for one of Pro Media Fire’s Pinterest boards! This specific board includes trendy designs for church social media accounts. The board includes a ton of different types of design styles that put an artistic twist on Scripture verses and Christian phrases. If you’re looking for some great social media inspiration, this is the perfect board to check out.

9. Logo + Brand Design by Jen Pace Duran

Last but not least, we have another great collection of branding designs and organizational logos. This collection has thousands of logos, color schemes, and guides to give you a ton of inspiration and highlight successful branding. This is a wonderful board to follow for the many design elements it includes.

We hope these boards serve to inspire you in your design journey and that you discover popular design trends, logo styles, and other unique design types! We encourage you to create a Pinterest board of your own to keep the inspiration going and gather together a mood board of your own!


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Oct 22, 2021

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