If you weren’t sure by now, digital content is the future of businesses, organizations, and especially churches. This content includes a quality website, engaging social media presence, stellar graphics, compelling copy, and eye-catching videos. 

Each of these facets of a digital presence serves different purposes and brings immense value to organizations. While there may be varying levels of each of these areas, the fact remains that digital media must be prioritized to succeed in audience engagement and connection.

You may already know the importance of digital media, and you truly do want to see improvement in that area, but you may find yourself stuck. If you’re involved with a non-profit organization or church, you may think it can be nearly impossible to achieve these digital goals.

There are donors to connect with, sermons to write, and a community to engage with. So how could you possibly juggle creative content along with everything else going on?

There are two solutions to this: 

  • either hire a creative team
  • or designate staff member(s) or volunteer(s) to take on the creative load. 

There are pros and cons to choosing either of these solutions which we discuss throughout this blog.

One of these two options is exactly what many organizations choose, and what they find is a lack of progress, a strain on their budget, and an excess of frustration.

There is a simple solution to this creative dilemma: subscription-based creative services.

These types of services exist so you can outsource your creative work by paying for access to a library of graphics and videos. (There are a few different types of subscription-based services, which offer different services, that we will touch on throughout this blog).

All in all, subscription service allows your creative needs to be met, saves you money, and helps you expand your digital reach. 

How do you know that a subscription-based creative service is a good fit for you? Here are 4 reasons why a creative subscription could help:

1. You can’t afford a creative team

Let’s just come right out and say it: creative teams are hard to build and often very expensive. If you are looking for the best digital content imaginable, having a team is the ideal solution. 

There are so many different aspects of a creative team that cannot be tackled by a single person which is why delegating internally doesn't often yield the best fruit. In reality, there is probably not anyone out there who is actually equality gifted at all areas of digital creativity either!

Creative teams usually consist of a video designer, graphic designer, web designer, creative copywriter, and social media manager. In addition, you need someone who will make a digital strategy, discuss your vision, and schedule out content for posting. 

The total pay for a full-time salary for each of the above 5 positions listed above would be $275,264 per year (based on the U.S. average salary). Even if these positions were part-time or contracted work, the cost would surely add up.

The beauty of a subscription-based creative service is that the cost is dramatically lower than the cost of an individually-staffed creative team. (In fact, at Pro MediaFire, our entire creative team service is less than the cost of a single creative staff person!)

2. You have no clue where to begin with digital

One of the most difficult, yet vital, steps of the creative process is figuring out where to begin. This is much easier said than done!

You may know your end goals: higher church attendance, more followers, a better website, etc. But actually arriving at those goals takes a ton of time, vision, and strategy.

What sets Pro MediaFire apart from other subscription-based creative services is that it is not just simply a library of random graphics. Instead, our team actually works with you to establish your digital goals, branding, and so much more. 

We will help you lay out a legitimate strategy which will entail building/updating your website, working on your branding, establishing a social media presence, and creating design content that fits your church or organization.

We don’t expect you to know all of the digital media terminology and details. We have that covered. If you find yourself completely lost when it comes to your digital strategy, subscription services (especially one that walks you through the process) may be a great option.

3. Your church or organization lacks specific creative skills

Churches and nonprofits are built upon the dedication and hard work of volunteers. These people willingly give their time and resources to serve the mission the best that they can. With volunteerism comes a commitment to fill in wherever is needed in order to truly contribute. 

Great volunteers can be such an incredible asset for these organizations, but unfortunately, not every church or nonprofit has a built-in pool of talented designers and digital marketing gurus. 

There is indeed the possibility of building up those skills in existing volunteers and servant leaders, but this is an extremely difficult task if there is a general lack of creative skills. 

Unfortunately, many organizations fall into this very category, and instead of finding a solution, they just give up on implementing digital creativity altogether. If you find yourself in this place, online creative services are absolutely perfect for you. 

4. Your current creative person is wearing too many hats

Let’s say you are blessed enough to have an extremely creative person in your midst - congratulations! Having someone in-house to further your creative goals can be extremely helpful because they truly know the ins and outs of the organization and can use their creativity to bring your vision to pass.

However, a single creative person (or even a few) may not be enough to actually reach the digital goals you have for your organization. As mentioned, it is rare that one person is talented in all areas of creativity. Furthermore, it would be extremely overwhelming for one or two people to tackle the entirety of all things creative. 

What happens is your single creative person starts wearing way too many hats. Just like multitasking, you are actually much less effective at doing anything well when you’re doing too many things at once. This type of work can also lead to some serious burnout.

A great middle ground here would be to bring in a cloud-based team with your current creative person. They can share the load and further work to meet the mission and vision of the church or nonprofit.

If you truly want to see your church or organization reach the next level of creativity, prioritizing a quality creative team is absolutely key. The cost of hiring multiple creators can get insanely expensive, and utilizing in-house help can get overwhelming.

Investing in subscription-based creative services is the perfect next step for you if you want to take the load off your shoulders, save financial resources, and see immense growth come.

“Modern problems require modern solutions”... and we have that solution!

Pro MediaFire is a cloud-based creative team that exists to replace a traditional creative team and supply all of your design, video, social media, and web needs. We’ve served hundreds of happy clients from churches and nonprofits and deliver new projects every day!

Unlike contracting individual creatives, implementing an online creative team allows you to hit a ton of birds with one stone. PMF’s team is built of world-class designers that are gifted in each area of digital creation. We work alongside you every step of the way to build a strategy, reach your audience, and ignite growth!

Ready to give a creative subscription a try?

We have several different packages that are tailored to meet your needs for your website, graphic content, video content, and social media. So take the load off your shoulders and sign up today!


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Jun 11, 2021

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