Creativity is an astounding attribute, and some may even say it is a gift you are born with.

You know those creative people in your life. You may even be one!

They are constantly dreaming up new pieces of art, writing, strategies, and frameworks. They aren’t the ones content with being tethered to a monotonous routine of an office job – they are constantly looking for new ways to express themselves through their creative imagination.

If you find yourself fitting in this category, you probably know all too well the dark side of creativity: creative block.

Like writer’s block, creative block is essentially when you struggle to flex your creative muscle and are hindered from allowing your imagination to fully flow. This type of hindrance can happen for a ton of reasons. 

You may be: 

  • burnt out
  • Overwhelmed
  • have been working on one project for too long
  • or just plain tired

Creatives, just like anyone, have the propensity to associate their worth with their work. It can be challenging to battle the negative self-perceptions that come storming in when you aren’t on your creative mountaintop.

We have all found ourselves in those stagnant seasons. There isn’t much progress happening, and we are just sort of… stuck.

We want to give you a few tips to help pull you out of that “meh” feeling, boost your motivation, and increase your creativity. You don’t have to remain in this creative funk forever!

1. Rest

Okay, we know. This is probably the last thing you want to hear if you’re trying to get yourself out of a creative rut.

Often when we feel overwhelmed and overrun, we begin to overwork ourselves to gain a sense of control. Instead of taking a step back, we keep stepping forward, hoping we can finally get back on track.

Unfortunately, this strategy is the first step in walking a road of burnout. An example of this kind of thinking is often found in college students. They study and study for hours on end and pull all-nighters to obtain as much information as possible. What they don’t understand is that after a certain amount of time without rest, the brain is incapable of adequately storing new information. 

Studies show that a certain amount of sleep deprivation actually mimics the effects of someone who has a blood alcohol content of 0.10%, which is over even the highest legal driving limit for driving in the United States (0.08%). Sleep deprivation has an obvious effect on not only our memory but our ability to function well overall.

This same concept can be applied to those who lack rest overall. Without rest, your body and brain never get a chance to recuperate, rebuild, and relax. To continue pushing yourself to the limit only hurts your ability to perform in a productive manner.

Creative friends, this is your reminder to rest! If you can’t quite figure out where to go with a graphic project, set it aside, take a nap (or whatever else you need for rest), and come back to it later. You will be amazed how much your creativity will increase once you have laid it to rest for just a little while! 

2.Get back to basics

One of the greatest killers of creativity is over-thinking. Truly, our creative brain and logical brain are separate for a reason; they are equally important yet serve different purposes. 

We can get stuck in the creative process when we are getting far too methodical about something or second-guessing ourselves and our creative knack. Sometimes what ends up happening is you dig yourself into a creative hole and totally overcomplicate an otherwise simple project.

A way to get out of this pit is to get back to basics. Especially when it comes to designs, sometimes getting back to the starting point of a design is the best. This could literally look like scrapping an entire project and starting from scratch, or it could look like returning to the original vision and rebuilding upon it.

An important thing to consider is returning to the vision you have for the project in the first place. Do you need to reshape the original intent of the piece of art, poem, or video project? 

Was there ever a goal in mind in the first place? 

Starting over with a clean canvas (whether literally or figuratively) may help your brain reboot and begin to see the vision a bit more clearly. 

3.Create just for the sake of it

They say if you “love your job, you will never work a day in your life,” but sometimes this mindset can come back to haunt you. 

Often when we are compensated for the creative work we do, there comes a small hindrance on creative capacity. 

We now have to design, maybe for the very first time, with boundaries drawn out. The boundaries aren’t necessarily bad, but they can often put a damper on creatives who are literally known for drawing outside the lines.

Creating just for the sake of creativity is an incredible way to prevent burnout, separate your work from your worth, and genuinely enjoy being creative again. It serves as a refresher because you aren’t doing it because you have to. You are doing it cause you want to!

Create for yourself. Create without getting paid. Create and give away to someone. Create just to create!

4. Draw from the environment

Here is a nightmare scenario for you: a graphic artist stuck in a gray cluster of cubicles. *shrieks in fear*

We as humans are a product of our environment, whether it be long-standing ones or just temporary ones. The places we spend our time in can greatly impact our mood, productivity, and creativity. Even the weather, lighting, and temperature can be a huge hindrance to our overall state.

A fantastic way to boost your creativity is to switch to an environment that stimulates your creative muscle. Whether it’s a luscious forest, a quiet stream, a local park, or even a coffee shop or museum, find a place that sparks something deep within you. 

Just this simple change in the environment may give you the inspiration you need to keep creating!

5. Get inspired by others’ creativity

Speaking of drawing from the environment, drawing from the work of others may be the necessary inspiration you need to increase your creativity!

Artists are so cool because each one is truly unique in their methodology, perspective, and execution of creativity. They all have something to offer, which is why learning from other creators may be the spark you need to double down on what you desire to achieve in your own art.

You want to be careful not to get stuck in the comparison trap. Remember – you are unique! 

Each artist differs for a reason because each serves a distinct purpose in what they create. You don’t need to believe the lie that your art could never be like theirs. Your art has meaning. 

When you are confident in your own identity as an artist, you can begin to experience the beauty and comradery of the creative community. Truly, when we work together to encourage and challenge each other, beautiful things happen.

When we walk in humility and begin to value the wisdom of other seasoned artists, we can learn so much. Plus, this truly helps to look at your talents and begin to fine-tune your strengths.

Creative burnout and exhaustion happen to almost all of us. Stick around long enough, and you will see that even the most creative-driven people hit a wall now and again. 

But the good news is that you don’t have to stay in that space! When you rest, get back to the basics, create for creations sake, and draw from your environment and other artists, you can begin to increase your creativity!

Do you have the creative vision but are just not sure how to bring it to life? If you need a partner to help bring your creativity to life, our team at Pro MediaFire is here to help you! 

Our team of talented designers, writers, and social media gurus are ready and willing to bring your dream to life! We would love to partner with you and help ignite your church’s growth!


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May 28, 2021

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