Can you believe a new year is already right around the corner? It seems like the past 20+ months have been a bit of a blur, but some incredible things have happened in light of the hardships.

Our world has banded together to support one another through sickness, uncertainty, financial crisis, and so much more. We have shown resilience as a people and have done so much to bring good into a world that seemed at times to be falling apart.

We all spent way more time than we’d like to admit on our devices this year, but what we have seen are some incredible milestones in the world of digital and design. One of the ways we have brought just a glimmer of light into the darkness is through the art that we create. 

We’ve seen organizations adapt to an entirely digital world and create stellar social media content, employ website revamps, and so much more. We have seen incredible pieces of art from the best creative minds out there.

As we approach a brand new year, creative innovation isn’t stopping. There is a whole new set of trends we are foreseeing in the new year. Check them out!

1. Geometric shapes

There is something so clean and simple about geometric shapes. They bring a sense of order to design and can be used in many different ways on the web, through video, and even in print design. 

Geometric shapes, paired with fun color combinations, bring consistency to design and can be used for everything from marketing products to bringing depth to your website homepage.

The cool thing about geometric design is you can pair it with all sorts of other popular design elements. You can bring a bit of spice with a gradient element, bold typography, or realistic photo elements. 

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2. 90s Nostalgia 

Everyone loves a good dose of nostalgia. For many recent years, 80s styles have made a major comeback in design pieces. But come 2022, 90s nostalgia will be a major design trend that will take the year by storm.

The 90s vibe has shown up the past couple of years, but bringing a refined version of this style will be key. Bright colors, fun shape elements, and fun patterns are all hallmark elements of the 90s design vibe. Combining these elements with photographic elements is a great way to spice up the style and keep it modern-looking.

This trend has ample wiggle room to experiment with color, unique shapes, and eclectic patterns.

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3. Statement Typography

Our websites are a far cry from the bland designs they once were. Organizations have been stepping up their game with eye-catching homepage banner photos, looping video backgrounds, and clean navigation bars.

An element that is often overlooked is typography. 

Well-placed and intentionally chosen typography can round out a website homepage. Combining it with great photo elements makes for a gorgeous website homepage.

Statement typography can be combined with other shape and gradient elements, but focusing on making the typography stand out from the rest of the design elements is key. Let the typography speak for itself!

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4. Riso Print

Riso print is a printing technique that utilizes spot colors and produces prints that are bright and full of fun, fluorescent colors. The hallmark of this type of printing is that it is not clean or sharp. It is more blotchy and asymmetrical. 

There are not quite as many color combinations available through the Riso print method, which helps to simplify your design quite a bit. However, Riso prints bring depth through multiple print layers and textures, making for truly beautiful prints.

While this is indeed a printing method, this style can be translated to the digital realm and utilized in graphic design. The main element you want to maintain is the use of colorful layers and texture.

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5. Art Deco

We’re in the 20s, so it only makes sense that Art Deco would make a well-deserved comeback!

Art Deco took the world by storm and took over almost all areas of design, from print to our architecture. This style is extremely intricate and includes many shapes, including triangles, smooth lines, sunburst motifs, trapezoidal shapes, and more.

This style also includes fonts particular to the style, which are highly unique and intricate in and of themselves.

This style is not highly colorful, but the collection of illustrative elements is definitely enough to bring a unique element to design. Art deco is wonderful for print designs, but it can be used for website and video design too.

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We are excited to see the trends we’ve listed at work in this coming year. Cheers to a year of innovation, risk-taking, and creativity! If you’re ready to tackle the new year’s latest design trends and get eye-catching graphics for your organization, we’re here to help! Check out our design services today!


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Dec 20, 2021

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