Why Jesus Would Be Viral

Clint Rogers


Clint Rogers


March 2, 2021

Why Jesus Would Be Viral

In 2009, the Internet was taken by storm by a hysterical video named David After Dentist. The video features the clip’s star, David, and his hilarious reaction to anesthesia after he had been given oral surgery. As of the end of 2020, the video had been viewed over 139 million times.

This video was truly the first to be categorized as a viral video. Viral videos, photos, memes, etc. are simply pieces of media that spread quickly on the Internet in a short time. These videos can turn an ordinary Joe Schmoe into an Internet sensation overnight... literally.

Sharing a post that goes viral is one of the most coveted badges of honor that any wannabe social media influencer could obtain. This is because if you can get a post to go viral, you can gain a ton of followers, increase your reach, and elevate your platform.

Many modern-day influencers have “broken the Internet,”, i.e., have shared content that has gone instantly viral. These "hall of famers" include reality stars, celebrities, and even regular non-famous YouTubers, Vine stars, and TikTok influencers.

What is it that makes a video or post go viral? Well, truly, there is no specific formula you can follow to get a post to go viral. The main criteria are it must be interesting, humorous, or entertaining enough to gain the necessary traction and begin to spread like wildfire. The message must hit home in some way or another to truly go viral.

Many people throughout history were so interesting, so radical, so audacious that they would surely go viral in 2021. Their tweets would be the hot topic, their TikToks would blow up overnight, and their videos would be the next sensation.

Jesus: A Viral Sensation

There is one man in history who was known for being radical: Jesus of Nazareth. Dare we say that if Jesus were walking the earth today Incarnate, He would surely be the next viral sensation.

When we look at Jesus and His short 33 years on planet earth, we see a Man who had an immense impact on the people around Him. There was something so attractive, contagious, and interesting about Him that He was constantly the talk of the town. Even the haters couldn’t help but bring Him up in their daily conversations!

Why exactly was Jesus so interesting to the people of the ancient world? What makes Him so impactful that He would surely be a viral sensation in the modern-day?

Jesus Challenged Religion & Politics

One of the most astounding things about Jesus’ time on earth is how He challenged the religious and political powers. He was by no means a rebel or anti-government; on the contrary, He was someone who respected the rules. But this didn’t stop Him from challenging the intents of the heart of those in power.

John 2 records an astounding moment in Jesus’ ministry in which He exercised His righteous anger when He entered the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. If this happened in the modern-day, this moment would go viral. It would go something like this:

You won’t believe what this Nazareth guy did in the temple today…

We all know who Jesus of Nazareth is. If you don’t, you’re living under a rock. Well, we all know nothing good comes out of Nazareth, but Someone super savage certainly has!

This Jesus guy came rolling into Jerusalem the other day and did what everyone does in Jerusalem - He went to the temple. But you will never believe what happened whenever He got there. Let’s just say He didn’t take too kindly to the religious practices and unfair prices of the temple sacrifices.

You have to watch this video to see what this Jesus guy did! #flippingtables #whipofcords #dovesondovesondoves

Jesus Spent Time With Sinners

One of the most audacious things that Jesus did was constantly hang out with the people labelled unclean, unlovable, and irredeemable. Jesus hung out with society’s mistfits so much that He was accused of being a drunkard, sorcerer, sinner, and even as someone operating under the power of demons!

But he wasn’t any of those things. He was instead showing His love to them. Jesus’ love for sinners was what truly set Him apart from the religious elite who ostracized anyone who wasn’t ceremonially clean and perfect in keeping the law.

He willingly risked His reputation with the Jewish juggernauts for the sake of loving those who needed a Savior.

Buzzfeed would surely write up an article about all the types of people Jesus hangs out with. It may go something like this:

This dude hangs out with prostitutes, but it’s NOT what you think.

The last person you’d think a prostitute would hang out with is an esteemed Jewish Rabbi… but that is exactly what has been happening throughout Israel the past few months.

Jesus, a young Jewish man from Nazareth, is becoming known for more than just His ability to heal. Jesus and His 12-person posse have been known to regularly partake in meals with the worst of the worst.

Prostitutes, criminals, and even tax collectors - oh my! There are just a few of the types of people that Jesus has been spending time with. You may think this Jesus is just living it up with these deviants, but our sources tell us that Jesus hasn’t sinned even once! Talk about Son of God material!

Jesus Broke the Mold

The things that Jesus did and said during His time on earth seem quite contrary to what you would think a typical viral sensation would do.

He didn’t go viral by going first, He did it by going last. He didn’t try to hype up His fame, dominion, and status. Instead, He chose the form of a bondservant, walked in humility, and always put others before Himself.

Jesus didn’t gain fame because He has millions of followers; He only had 12. And although He was well-known and His fame spread like crazy, He ended up being rejected by all of His “followers” except John. Jesus wasn’t worried about what people thought of Him or who even liked Him; He cared far more about saving souls.

One of the most astounding things about Jesus is that although He could have exercised all of His power and might on earth, He chose instead to lay down His life for all of humanity. Jesus wasn’t worried about beating some algorithm. He went viral by beating death!

Following in the Footsteps

When we look at Jesus, we see a Man whose works and words have transcended history and transformed our world as we know it. His impact was so great that we still rehearse and believe His Word 2,000 years later!

Jesus proved that fame should never be the end goal, but living an authentic life that challenges mindsets, pushes cultural boundaries, and breaks the mold is what makes you go viral.

This isn’t quite your permission to go angrily flip tables, but it is a call to be bold on social media for the glory of God.

First, we can choose to walk in the footsteps of our Savior and challenge the political and religious norms of our day. We can choose to err on the side of grace and not get trapped in the bondage of religion. We can also challenge the political ideologies that oppress the downtrodden, cause cutting division, and go against the call to love our neighbors.

Secondly, we can do what Jesus was simultaneously loved for and hated for: we can be a friend of sinners. Jesus’ choice to spend His time with the worst of the worst should prove to us that Christianity is not about spending time with perfect people, but with broken people. We have the choice to associate with those whom society deems unworthy. We can express this love for people in our physical churches and with everyone we have the privilege to reach online.

Last but not least, we can do as Jesus did and do things a bit differently than what culture deems acceptable or normal. We can set aside all notoriety and choose to serve others in humility just as Jesus did. This type of living may seem completely paradoxical, but isn’t that what Jesus exemplified?

He is all-knowing, yet all-loving.
He walked the earth as a human, yet is God.
He is a humble servant, yet a King.

Do you want to shake things up online as Jesus did and has throughout history? Your aim shouldn’t be to go viral and gain fame. It should be to walk as Jesus did and maybe you will just so happen to go viral along the way.

If you’re not sure where to begin, we are here to help. Our social media team at PMF Creative an help you break the mold and truly stand out online. Contact us today so we can help you gain traction online and begin to make an impact.

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