What You Can Do TODAY For Giving Tuesday

Pro MediaFire Staff


Pro MediaFire Staff


October 14, 2021

What You Can Do TODAY For Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is the biggest day of charitable giving in the U.S. and is just 6 weeks away! That means it’s high time to get your non-profit organization prepared for this very important day.

In our previous blog, Planning For Giving Tuesday, we talk all about the importance of Giving Tuesday and what it looks like to create a strategic plan for the big day. We want to give you just a few more practical tips and a few examples of what you can do for Giving Tuesday right now!

1. Share a reminder or countdown

In this day of busyness and packed schedules, digital calendars and push notification reminders are a man’s best friend. So if you want to make sure your dedicated (and potential) donors don’t forget about Giving Tuesday, consider sharing some form of a digital reminder. 

You could utilize a Google Calendar invitation or even leverage social media to do the work for you. For example, Instagram Stories have a neat countdown feature where followers can opt-in for a push notification reminder and even share the countdown to their personal accounts. Preparing these automatic reminders ahead of time will save you the hassle the day of Giving Tuesday.

2. Build your email list

Contrary to popular belief, email isn’t dead! Email marketing is a fantastic tool that non-profits can leverage to reach people, send relevant messages, increase donations, and build relationships with their target audience.

It may be pretty common sense, but for your emails to have maximum success, you need to have people to send them to! So, building your email list is an essential part of building your support system and getting your message out there.

You can grow your list in several ways, but there must be some clear purpose that will draw your audience to join the list.

Let’s be real. No one wants more junk mail cluttering their inbox! 

Keep your audience in mind and consider why and how your non-profit can bring value to their lives. 

Spell out what your subscribers should expect from your emails and then allow them to choose to sign up! You can utilize a special landing page, a pop-up on your main website, or a call to action on your social media channels. 

In addition to online strategies, you can even do some good old-fashioned canvassing, go door-to-door, and set up a table at a community event to collect emails personally.

3. Share a personal Giving Tuesday reminder video

We highly recommend creating a variety of Giving Tuesday-related videos throughout the several weeks leading up to and on, Giving Tuesday. But for today, create a simple and brief Giving Tuesday reminder video!

This video can be as detailed as you want, but keep in mind that this is just to get your voice out there to remind others of the upcoming day of giving. The video script could be something like this:

“Hey there friends – this is Bob from non-profit Company Z! We are just a few short weeks away from Giving Tuesday and we are so excited to partner with you on this colossal day of charitable giving. Our goal is fully to fund our Community Project on this day and we can’t do it without you! Remember to mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 30, and consider partnering with us. I hope you have a great day, and we look forward to talking to you soon!”

Short, sweet, and to the point! Posting a simple, self-filmed video is all you need to do to get the word out on your social media pages about Giving Tuesday!

4. Utilize the Giving Tuesday Brand

Often, major companies and non-profits will alter their profile or cover images for special holidays and events. Giving Tuesday is a perfect opportunity to do the same thing!

Decorate the walls of your website, social media pages, and emails with all Giving Tuesday branded content. You can:

  • add a banner on your website
  • change your profile picture to include the Giving Tuesday heart logo
  • change your cover images to feature information about Giving Tuesday and your non-profit's specific campaign.

5. Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag!

This one is pretty simple: use the hashtag #GivingTuesday right now and every day moving forward! Giving Tuesday rose in popularity primarily through social media, so utilizing the official hashtag is a great way to gain attention and streamline your Giving Tuesday-related content. 

We also recommend using other relevant hashtags such as #nonprofit #nonprofitorganization #giving #donations #charity and other similar hashtags.

The countdown is on for the year’s biggest day of giving! Are you ready for it?

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