Wisdom from a Professional Video Editor

Janine Dueck


Janine Dueck


August 26, 2022

Wisdom from a Professional Video Editor

The art of video creation is just that: an art! Just like baking a magnificent cake, it takes a special type of skill to take all of the flour, sugar, and butter and transform it into something incredible (and satisfying).

Instead of merely giving you some theoretical takes on the science of video editing and all that it includes, we decided to get some words of wisdom from the professionals themselves!

Jessie Garcia and Tomy Sparta are two skilled video editors who have showcased their skills on our PMF Creative team these past few years. We asked them a few questions about their experience as video editors, their creative process, and some other words of wisdom. We hope their answers help you get a glimpse of what it takes to be a video editor and the joy there is within this incredible art!

  1. How did you get started with video editing?

Tomy: I started by chance. A science teacher wanted us to make a video about “energy” when I was 15 years old. I had to figure out how to do it, and it just so happened that I loved the process! When my classmates saw it they loved it and encouraged me to continue with video creation. In addition to this, my father and I have been watching Star Wars together since I was 3 years old. I have always been supported by my family and friends and this was key in my decision to become a video editor.

Jessie: Ever since I was a little kid, my dad always introduced me to some really fun classic movies, and I loved hearing about how they were made. I fell in love with filmmaking at an early age and by the time I was a teen, I asked my parents for my first camera. My videography took off from there. I shot at my school, at the mall, any chance I got hanging out with friends I had my camera with me to film something.

  1. Who are your personal favorite video content creators?

Tomy: I love Gastón Luna from Argentina who is a filmmaker who travels the world. Sam Kolder is another filmmaker from America who does the same. But if we are talking about directors I would go always with my man Quentin Tarantino.

Jessie: I would recommend everyone to check out Encima Media, content creators based out of San Antonio, Texas. They do everything from small wedding videos to big-budget movies. I have learned a lot from them.

  1. What is your creative process like?

Tomy: First off, I have to define the idea I want to communicate and then which style I want to use to communicate it. For example: church services + youth style. For this, I know that I would create something very relevant, with high contrast, and would have the freedom to use crazy textures. Then I just make it happen; it’s a work of magic (haha!)

Jessie: I kid you not, good old-fashioned pen and paper. I write down any idea that comes to my head and just play off of that. I’ll compare my notes to my most recent videos and try to figure out what’s something different and new I can do. Speaking with friends and bouncing ideas off them also helps me out a lot.

  1. Why is video content important?

Tomy: Video is the most complete of all arts. It’s the sole art that combines all the others: music, photography, painting, writing, design, and finally video. A video editor has to be the most creative person in the room because he has to combine all these things and make them work.


I also believe that video is super important because it shows you EXACTLY what happened. You could look at a piece of photography and imagine what happened. You could listen to music or audio and imagine the expression of the artist on his face. But with video, you hear and watch exactly what’s going on.

Jessie: I think video content is a very unique way to tell stories, whether it’s a basic small video or a big budget movie, there are just so many different things you can do.

  1. What is your favorite video you’ve created for a client?

Tomy: This is a difficult question; my videos are my babies haha. But I love to make weekend recap videos. I love taking all that a faith community lived on Sunday together and showcasing it in a short film. You’re making their memories tangible.

Jessie: One of my favorite videos has to be a commercial I worked on for Nike & Gatorade. Everybody knows those 2 brands so to be able to work with that team was amazing. It made me feel like all the hard work I put in to get there was worth it!

  1. Any last words of wisdom?

Tomy: If you’re interested in video making JUST START. You can only make things happen if you begin, and nowadays it is easier than ever to create videos. You have a camera in your pocket and a computer too! (Imagine if we told that to someone in the 90s — they wouldn’t believe us!) Trust in yourself, be ready to FAIL, and ALWAYS be willing to learn

Jessie: Always dream big, and forever follow those dreams.

There you have it! Some wise and inspiring words from two incredibly talented video editors. We hope that this short interview gives you a glimpse into the importance of video in this world of digital and the impact it can have on those around us.

Are you interested in implementing videos into your organization’s digital strategy? We would love to help. When you sign up for one of PMF Creative’s video plans, you can get custom videos created by designers like Tomy and Jessie. Contact us today to learn more and get started!

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