Pros & Cons of Unlimited Design Services

Janine Dueck


Janine Dueck


January 10, 2023

Pros & Cons of Unlimited Design Services

When it comes to successfully marketing as a church or nonprofit organization, design work is an absolute must. You may not realize just how badly you need a designer who knows what they’re doing until you go to share an Instagram post, edit your webpage layout, or share a video on YouTube.

But where do you start? Your first thought may be to hire a full-time designer to do the job for you. This is undoubtedly a decent option, but paying a quality graphic designer full-time can be a huge expense unless you have room in the budget for it. 

The average base salary of graphic designers in the United States is $54K. But graphic designers can’t do everything — you need video creators (average salary: $49K) and web designers (average salary: $51K) to complete your design work as well. 

Even hiring a freelance designer can cost a pretty penny. These designers typically have an hourly rate and charge extra money for design revisions. Both options can be fantastic if you can afford them, but there is another alternative out there that can offer a cost-effective, quality solution to your design needs. The alternative? Unlimited design services!

If you’re new to the term, unlimited design services do just what the name indicates. This service meets clients’ wide range of design needs while offering unlimited revisions and projects. This alternative is relatively new and it is perfect for organizations that want great design without the cost and commitment to hiring designers full-time.

Throughout this blog, we want to give you a quick run-through of some of the pros and cons of design services. We hope it will help you consider what the best option is for your organization and that you move forward with your marketing strategies.

Pro #1 — Cost-effectiveness

Okay, we’re probably sounding like a broken record here, but the most notable pro of unlimited design services is their cost-effectiveness. 

Let’s take a look at those average design salaries again. If you were to hire a small full-time design team consisting of a graphic designer, video designer, and web designer, this could cost you upwards of $12K per month! Even if your team was part-time, you’d still be shelling out thousands upon thousands of dollars on their services. 

Unlimited design services on the other hand offer the same type of work at a fraction of the cost. For example, our PMF Creative Design Plan costs $599 per month and includes custom-designed graphics, unlimited projects (with 1 active at a time), illustrations, unlimited revisions, and more. 

PMF Creative doesn’t just have design plans, but we also offer video, social media, branding, and web plans that can meet all of your design needs. If you want to learn more about our plan options and pricing, check out our website and contact us!

Overall, you will quite literally save thousands if you chose to hire a design team instead of individual designers, video editors, or web designers. If you’re looking for something budget-friendly, unlimited design services are the way to go.

Pro #2 — Access to a wide range of designers

One of the coolest things about graphic designers is that no designer is quite the same. Just like every artist, each designer has their own specialty, niche, and style. 

When you hire an individual designer, you are only going to get their specific skillset and style. But when you hire a platform that offers unlimited design services, you gain access to an entire team of designers. This means you get a much more variety of design styles and expertise that you can utilize for your design needs.

One aspect of PMF Creative that we pride ourselves in is our unique, international team. We have talent from all over the world (literally! — Brazil, Philippines, etc.) and thus we have a wide variety of design styles on our team. 

When you choose an unlimited design service, you can get designs from the best of the best in a unique, multi-talented team. If a certain designer’s style doesn’t quite mesh with your needs, there are always other designers you can work with that better suit you. The options are truly unlimited!

Pro #3 — Speedy turnaround

There are limits to how quickly a part-time or full-time designer can get a certain project. Because they are a one-man show, they may not be able to keep up with the various projects and designs you need.

The perk of hiring an unlimited design team is that the turnaround time for projects and designs is extremely fast. The keyword here is important: design team. When you subscribe to a PMF Creative design plan, you are not just getting one single designer but an entire time of designers. 

Our team specifically emphasizes teamwork on all of our projects. If a designer is falling behind or busy with other projects, other team members are willing and ready to pick up some of their work. 

This teamwork makes for a more efficient team that is better able to turn around your projects exactly when you need them!

Pro #4 — Open communication throughout the design process

Digital design teams, especially ones like PMF Creative, are dedicated to the organizations that they serve. One of the best ways teams like ours can serve their clients is by being completely transparent throughout the design process.

Unlimited design services are structured in a way that brings in the client on the design process. They will ask for feedback, comments, critiques, and suggestions. With PMF, you will be in contact with our designers and account executives so you can get status updates and give feedback directly.

Con #1 — Additional fees for extra services may apply

When you hire an unlimited design service, you are typically paying a flat fee (either monthly or yearly) which includes a plethora of different features in the particular plan. However, if you want to get the most out of a design service, there may be some extra services to invest in.

With PMF Creative, there are no hidden fees; our plans really do include everything that is listed! However, there are other services that we suggest tagging on to make the most out of your design strategy. We highly recommend bundling together our design, video, social media, and web plans to get the most out of them!

Con #2 — Less face-to-face communication

Many organizations want the ease and simplicity of hiring an in-house graphic designer. The major benefit of hiring someone to work in-house is consistent face-to-face communication.

However, the workspace doesn’t operate the same way it used to. Working remotely has become a norm and many workers, especially those that work completely on their computers, may prefer to work at home rather than in an office.

While you may not get as much physical face-to-face communication, digital design teams like ours make communicating with you a huge priority. As mentioned, our account executive will do a lot of the heavy lifting, but our designers are all ears at all times to receive feedback and make changes. 

Unlimited design services are gaining popularity as the need for more quality design is rising in nonprofits, churches, and other organizations. Unless you have a gigantic budget for it, the odds are you will not be able to sustainability fund a full design team. However, the wonderful world of the Internet has made it possible for you to utilize incredible designers without the limits of the office space.

If you are looking to make a switch or explore unlimited design services, we’re the team to call! PMF Creative has been providing the highest quality of design, video, web, and social media services to hundreds of happy clients. We want to learn more about you, and your organization, and work with you to help you make a bigger impact.

Contact our team today to learn more about our different plans and how they can work for you!

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