The 3 Reasons Video Matters in Marketing

Clint Rogers


Clint Rogers


February 16, 2021

The 3 Reasons Video Matters in Marketing

Take a moment and consider just how often you watch videos. Besides the obvious outlets like Netflix and YouTube, video is all around us. Here are a few examples you may not think of right away:

Product explainer videos on Amazon
Video advertisements on Instagram stories
Informational videos in the doctor’s office
Video tutorials on TikTok
Product reviews and demos on social media
Video commercials at the gas pump

Video is all around us and isn’t confined to just our computers or smartphones anymore. Video is also no longer just a means of entertainment but it truly is the future of marketing and advertising.

Without the integration of video into your digital strategy, you are setting yourself up for failure and may just hinder your ability to reach your target audience. But when you invest your resources into utilizing video in your digital marketing strategy, you will see an increase in your engagement, leads, and even sales.

Here are three critical reasons why video matters:

  1. Video tells a story & engages us

    The birth of videography gave us the ability to experience moments in history in real-time and also be translated into other cultures, stories, and locations.

    The film industry specifically took the world by storm and redefined how we consume information and entertainment. Movies gave us an ability to experience the gamut of emotions that films evoke, from fear to laughter, as we gathered together to enjoy them.

    One thing remains the same in 2021 as it did in the early 1930s: video engages us. Videography is truly an art form that allows us to take textual information and ideas and weave them into something entertaining and even just plain captivating. While video has transformed from mere entertainment to a tool of advertisement, the essence of storytelling is still just as important.

    Video translates boring information into something engaging and authentic that speaks to the needs and wants of an audience.

    Video enables us to connect with our audience in a unique and meaningful way. If done well enough, videos (that are at their core an advertisement) can tickle the heartstrings, bring joy to the viewers, and become more than just a sales pitch.

    Check out this incredible Levi’s commercial that serves as more than just an advertisement for jeans, but is joyful, beautifully filmed, and just plain fun.

  2. Videos educate quickly and concisely

    We live in a sound bite culture. This simply means that because of our busy schedules, and frankly shorter attention spans, we have a limited amount of time and want to use that time wisely. This characteristic of society lends itself to highlight the benefits of video usage for entertainment and advertisement.

    Videos allow marketers to convey a lot of information in just a short amount of time. This lends room for information to be trimmed down to the bare bones that people want to know about.

    For example, on a product purchase page, you can use video to highlight customer reviews, explain the usages of a product, and give a list of standout specs of the product. Here is a great example of a product video that both entertains and provides helpful information for the consumer.

    As you can see, these videos don’t have to be just a list of information or a lengthy explanation of a product. The video can serve as a way to quickly inform you and also give you reasons why you need this product for your everyday life. The main goal is for your video to educate your audience quickly and concisely.

    Check out this home page video showcasing PMF Creative as another example of a video that both captivates and educates.
  3. Videos bring authenticity

    Imagine a scenario where someone is trying to tell you a specific product or service. If you receive a phone call from a telemarketer, 9 times out of 10 you will just hang up the phone. On the other hand, if someone approaches you at a shopping mall or even at your doorstep, you may be less likely to write them off.

    This is because, for the most part, human interaction has a greater impact on our decision making than a stale sales call with a monotone voice on the other end of the ringer. Observing the body language, facial expressions, and person behind the voice seems to have an impact on how we receive information.

    Video enables companies to bring this personal authenticity that we seem to crave as human beings. Regardless, no one likes to be overtly “sold to” — this is why we often turn the other direction when the car salesman meets our eye on the car dealership lot.

    Video makes a way for us companies, organizations, and even churches to cast aside the sales pitch and bring an authentic flair to their audiences. One of the most effective ways of using video to bring authenticity is through video testimonials.

    For churches specifically, real-life stories of people impacted by a church can pave the way for droves of people who are seeking community to say “wow, this seems like a place I too can belong!” Check out this example of a video testimonial video our team at PMF Creative created.

    Video is one of the most popular content forms, and it’s not likely to be going anywhere soon.

    And it makes sense: in an impersonal, online world, we’re all looking for connection and personality. Video provides that connection.

    Video is not only fun; it’s really one of the best ways to show up in front of your audience and give them a glimpse into what your church is doing and the real people serving in and beyond the four walls of the church.

    The key with video is to show watchers your values or your vision and invite them to join you on the journey. The more they see your faces and know your church culture, the more likely they are to stick around.

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