5 Summer Fonts to Warm Up Your Designs

Janine Dueck


Janine Dueck


June 4, 2021

5 Summer Fonts to Warm Up Your Designs

Summertime is here! With this change in the season comes many different shifts in church life, church activities, and even in church design.

Summertime in churches is a very unique season that is much different from the seasons that surround Easter and Christmas. With summer comes many more opportunities for church involvement, especially among youth and children, with summer camps, and vacation Bible schools.

Summertime is vital for reaching families with young children, young adults returning from college, and others who may just be looking for something to do this summer. There is a world of opportunity to reach new people through what your church has going on this coming season!

You may be thinking at this point… what does our summertime church activities have to do with fonts? With these events comes the need to promote which requires engaging, compelling design materials to do so.
Just like the colors we choose for our summer designs, our choice in font is extremely important when trying to evoke a certain mood. Whether you’re creating new worship slides, series graphics, invite cards, or social media posts, fonts play a huge role in creating that signature summer mood.

The “mood” of summer is usually characterized by vibrance, relaxation, and a light and airy feel.

This type of feel is something we can bring into our church design work this summer through the fonts we utilize.

Here you will find a list of some fantastic summery fonts that will bring those mellow summertime feelings to your church’s design!

1. MADE Outer Sans (Faith)& Stereohead SVG (Endurance)

Summertime fonts are a lot less formal than fonts used in other seasons. This is mainly because they are meant to bring about a more youthful, relaxed feel to design work. 

This stellar combination brings to life a beautiful mix of simplicity and airy script. Bringing in some bold, neon color with the sans serif font really makes the whole design come together!


Graphic design in the last few years has seemed to stray away a bit from super polished, perfectly curated fonts. Instead, handwritten and brush-type fonts are popping up more and more. HUCK is an ultra-textured brush font that stands beautifully just on its own. The texture of the font really pops when the right vibrant color is chosen to use with it!

3. Actualy Script (Beach)

This font is a fan-favorite when it comes to VBS and summer camp design! There isn’t much better than a gorgeous, flowing script font and Actualy Script takes the cake! Adding in a script font can serve as an “accent piece” to the whole design and really get your viewer to focus on a specific word in the graphic. This font just screams “summer at the beach.”

4. Houstiny

If you haven’t noticed yet, we love a good script font! With summertimes comes a feeling of lightness and delicacy that is perfectly emanated in the script font Houstiny. As darker colors begin to fade away and new light enters in, adding in a font that reflects that light is key. 

This font is truly perfect for summertime sermon series and even women’s events.

5. Sequel100Black-75 (Baptism)

We would be amiss if we forgot to add a quality sans serif font to your toolkit! Sequel100Black-75 is everything you could need in a basic, bold, versatile font for your designs. This font is truly great for title-slides and has a great readability to it. While simple, it is still a great font to keep in mind for a more simple design.

There you have it: five incredible fonts to utilize in your summertime design.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing for your church events this summer:

1. Colors + fonts = everything. 

The fonts and color palettes we utilize cannot exist independently from each other. It is in the perfect harmony of these two elements that the entire design comes together! Beginning with a mood board is a great way to visualize whether certain colors, textures, and fonts will actually look good together.

2. Don’t go overboard with fonts. 

A good rule of thumb is never use more than two fonts in one single design. While there can be a few exceptions here, using more than two fonts can make your design look a bit cluttered and messy. Instead of looking for 5 different fonts, you can stick with the two and use different weights or orientations of a single font!

3. Think about your audience. 

Who are you designing for? Is the design meant to attract kids to a summer camp, women to a women’s event, or just your general audience? If you’re trying to use the design for VBS and summer camps, opting for vibrant colors and informal fonts is key. If you’re going for an airy feel, using soft colors with a script font is a great move.

Still feeling stuck? Our Pro MediaFire design plan provides all the tools you need for fun branding and graphics for your summer events. 

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