10 Spring Fonts To Try In Your Church’s Easter Designs

Janine Dueck


Janine Dueck


March 25, 2022

10 Spring Fonts To Try In Your Church’s Easter Designs

There is nothing quite like springtime. 

Depending on where you find yourself geographically, spring may feel like just another season with nothing too special about it. But for many of us, spring is quite literally a breath of fresh air after a long, frigid winter.

With spring comes warmer weather, birds chirping, and a reminder of the hope of resurrection. This time is a reminder that after a long season of darkness and “blah,” there is light on the horizon! 

If you’d read the title of this blog, you’re probably wondering, “okay, what does this talk of spring have anything to do with fonts?” Don’t worry. We’re getting there! 

Springtime is a time for newness and transition, and this season affects all sorts of things around us. Our fashion, the types of activities we do, and even our design style are directly affected by the changing of the seasons. Enter stage left: fonts!

There are so many incredible fonts out there to choose from that you can utilize to usher in the spring season and use in your Easter design work especially. Here will highlight some of the standout fonts perfect for all things spring in your designs. Check it out!

  1. Tulip Garden
Tulip Garden

This is an iconic font style with the springiest name there could be! Tulip Garden offers all you would expect in a spring-themed typeface — calligraphy, subtle texture, and a delicate feel. 

This font fits with the popular trend of handwritten styles and brings an organic feel to digital designs. This font is playful, textured, and a bit feminine as well. It is a wonderful choice for an accent font in your Easter and spring design pieces.

  1. Losta Masta
Losta Masta

This unique font may not be what you typically think of when thinking of springtime. Instead, Losta Masta is a big, bold, curvy font that makes a huge statement. The characters within this font flow together fluidly and almost appear to be warped in their shapes.

One of our incredible designers, Mara, whipped up this stellar Easter graphic for one of our clients at Pro MediaFire. As you can see, this font pairs so nicely with symmetrical, geometric shapes. Using Losta Masta as an accent font offers a huge pop of attention to the words used in the design. This versatile font doesn’t fit the typical status quo of airy and light, but it packs a punch nonetheless.

  1. White Garden
White Garden

This script font has the perfect touch of whimsy and elegance. While many calligraphy fonts are thicker with tightly scrunched-together characters, White Garden is a font that allows room to breathe.

This font can be used for a lot of different design pieces, but it would serve perfectly for Easter promotional pieces, particularly printed Easter invitations. The feminine touch of this font will pair perfectly with lighter pastel colors and minimal design. Overall, it is an excellent font choice if you’re looking for some simplicity this spring.

  1. Brume

Who doesn’t love a good Serif font!? Juan, one of our other amazing graphic designers, knocked the ball out of the park with this gorgeous spring graphic featuring the font Brume.

Brume is big and bold and lends room for a lot of playfulness in color and design. While other fonts are used as an accent in design, Brume can become enmeshed into the fabric of the design by putting patterns and colors within the font face itself. 

Brume is elegant, modern, and offers the clarity that a good serif font guarantees. This is a classic font that can be used for all sorts of design pieces but works especially well for your upcoming spring designs.

  1. Floralist

Big and bold may not seem to bode with the airiness of springtime, but this font proves that a little bit of weight in a typeface can be a good thing! 

Floralist is tall, bold, and gives serif fonts an excellent name. The height of the characters in this typeface can add a ton of dimension to any graphic and balances well with the boldness of the characters. For example, just the word “Easter'' in this bold font will make the word stand out wonderfully. It is a great idea to pair Floralist with other more delicate fonts, such as the aforementioned “White Garden'' font.

  1. Dharma Gothic
Dharma Gothic

Okay, we know bold fonts don’t always typically go along with the themes of spring, but this font is too good not to include!

Dharma Gothic is a font that we can liken to the same category as Helvetica Now. It is simple, clean, and works well to enhance the already existing design work instead of distracting from it. Juan, another wonderful designer of ours, paired Dharma Gothic with this intricate design piece for one of our clients.

Just like Brume, you can play around with Dharma Gothic and include patterns and textures within the font itself to bring some depth to the typeface. Dharma Gothic is simple, yes, but it is a classic font choice for any design piece you have!

  1. Helvetica Now
Helvetica Now

The Helvetica typeface is just like the Little Black Dress — it will never quite go out of style. With design, we often tend to try to use the most unique font possible with pretty simple design elements behind it. However, fonts don’t always have to be the focal point of the design — they can merely serve to enhance an already unique and intricate background.

Our Pro MediaFire designer, Rayner, combined the simplicity of Helvetica Now with an astoundingly gorgeous graphic and geometric background design. The placement and color of the font still bring adequate attention to the message while providing necessary contrast with the vibrant color palette. Helvetica Now proves to us that sometimes simple is better!

  1. Saekana Script
Saekana Script

Although we love a simplistic serif font, a gorgeous script font is just what you need to bring some elegance to a springtime design piece. 

Saekana Script goes together with other bold, serif fonts, just like peanut butter goes with jelly! 

While it can be a bit much to use just on its own, it brings life and movement to the design when used as an accent font. Although it is far less delicate than White Garden, Saekana Script is a fantastic font to consider if you want to add a pretty element to your springtime design. 

P.S. Our designer Mara knocked this textured collage design (featuring Saekana Script) out of the park!

  1. Brand Regular
Brand Regular

What is more incredible than a simple yet stylish serif font? Brand Regular brings a clean, minimalist approach to this eclectic list of fonts. While we love a good bold serif, Brand Regular is sleek and thin and is a fantastic choice for the main title font.

The unique thing about Brand Regular is the different styles within the characters themselves. Our designer, Kevin, brought some shape and body to this design piece by connecting the ‘A’ and ‘M’ in the title text. 

This shows that text in design does not have to be static. It can run with the flow of the overall design and feature intricate little details as well!

  1. Quirky Spring
Quirky Spring

Last but not least, we have one of the most whimsical and fun fonts we have seen! Quirky Spring is a font that speaks for itself — it is indeed peculiar and unexpected. This font features irregular shapes, accents, and fun little springtime symbols. 

The font has a very youthful feel yet is capable of being used for in-service graphics and Easter invitation designs. Quirky Spring brings some livelihood to any design and works well with a bold, bright color palette. Although it strays from the usual delicate and light typefaces, Quirky Spring adds the perfect level of eccentricity to any spring design.

Spring is officially here, and Easter is not too far around the corner! This spring, you can liven up your designs with some of these incredible fonts. 

If you’re looking to really “wow” your followers this coming Easter season, great graphics are a fantastic place to start. Our design team is full of expert design gurus who are up to the latest trends in design and are ready to create the perfect Easter graphics package for you. Reach out to us today to bring a bit of whimsy and creativity to your digital materials this spring!

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