7 Fresh Sermon Series Ideas

Janine Dueck


Janine Dueck


July 23, 2021

7 Fresh Sermon Series Ideas

Each and every week, churches all across the world gather together to lift up the name of Jesus. We do this through prayer meetings, small groups, events, and so much more. But one of the most important days of the week for churches across the board is our church services.

Whether you gather in-person, online, or a hybrid of both, it goes without saying that Sunday (and sometimes Saturday or other days) services are the weekly highlight where we all gather together and hear what God has to say to each of us.

The majority of our services look about the same: worship, a sermon, and maybe a few announcements here and there. The bulk of our services center on the teaching and preaching of the word from our pastors. You get the picture – all in all, church service structure is pretty similar in many churches.

How can you bring a bit of anticipation and excitement to your church services? This is where a sermon series comes into play. The usage of sermon series has become extremely popular in the church and has been “made famous” by many churches such as Life.Church and Elevation Church, just to name a few.

These types of sermons are simply a package of sermons that plan anywhere from 2-8 weeks. These series are often centered around a certain topic, a spiritual principle, and even a book of the Bible.

These series lend the church room to hit a specific topic and do it in a very creative way. In addition, sermon series can encourage the congregation to get their mindset on a specific topic, book, etc., and build a sense of anticipation for weeks to come in the series.

We want to give you a few awesome examples of sermon series graphics from churches all over the country! All of these graphics were created by our team at PMF Creative and specially curated for each church and its vision. We hope these will inspire you to think of some awesome sermon series for your church!

1. Unstoppable

This sermon series graphic was created for Destiny of Faith Church for their summer series “Unstoppable.” The concept behind this series was centered on the legacy and strength of the church body and the value of older generations counting on the new generation to move forward and pass on the legacy.

The color scheme of the series graphics hones in on pure summertime vibes with a vibrant, monochromatic palette (which we talk about in one of our previous blogs). Overall, the graphic has the athletic appeal often associated with being unstoppable, and the repeating athlete represents generations moving forward.

Overall, this sermon series speaks a powerful message about the importance of generations counting on one another and how that place of unity makes their impact unstoppable. This graphic exemplifies this message and also fits perfectly with the colors of summer.

2. The Book of James

A popular type of sermon series often used in churches is series through a specific book of the Bible. These series are interesting because you could spend just a few weeks or even a few months in the same series! Regardless, there are a lot of incredible things that can come out of spending a good chunk of time on a book from the Scriptures.

Praise Church decided to do a sermon series through the book of James, and our team provided them with this gorgeous, simple, sermon series design. When we think of good design, we often think of extremely intricate graphics with multiple layers, complex color palettes, and plenty of other fixings. But sometimes, simple is enough.

The Book of James is a super in-depth book, and Praise Church wanted to bring a modern and scholarly look to the series design. A simple black book with elegant gold text sitting on a marble table is exactly what fits that look. This sermon series design is minimalistic, to the point, and lets the audience know exactly what to expect in upcoming services.

3. Promises

Another sermon series for the books is this gorgeous series graphic made for Shoreline Community Church for their series “Promises.” Just like #1, this graphic shouts from the rooftops, “summertime!” The picturesque ocean, tops of blue and coral, and the fun light leak and accent elements all come together in perfect summertime harmony.

The purpose behind this series is to encourage and refresh the Shoreline community and remind them of God's care and attention in every area. The series covers the “I will” statements of God that are found throughout the Bible.

This sermon series graphic packs a bunch with its simple and encouraging message of God’s promise and perfectly fitting summer design. This graphic also hones in on some popular design trends and even fits the beachy/summery feel of the church’s overall brand and social media aesthetic.

4. Walking with Clarity

This sermon series graphic is a bit different from others with its general mood, but it brings a new take on the diversity you can have in sermon graphics. This graphic for Faith Christian Community was for their series called “Walking with Clarity.”

The purpose behind this series is to have clarity on the things God has planned for us and walking that out. This graphic has a lot of depth in its meaning and really incorporates the message behind the series with trends in graphic design. 

The use of depth of focus in this photo really makes the big, bold font stick out with perfect clarity (pun intended!) The way the plant is intertwined with the letters brings even more depth to the design. The man walking in the background also brings together the overall theme of the series.

5. The Art of Neighboring

This sermon series was created for Lovers Lane UMC for their August series “The Art of Neighboring.” This graphic touches on a totally different area of design with stock images not involved but a more illustrative element is highlighted.

This sermon series centers around the concept of loving our neighbor as ourselves, which Jesus spoke about in Scripture. The design plays both on the neighborly elements of a row of houses and “the art” by adding vibrant, watercolor elements. The color and fonts used in this graphic bring a light and airy feel to the overall design.

Using illustrations in sermon series is a great way to add a little flair to your sermon series. And as always, bringing in some fun colors and elements can really lighten the mood of the graphic!

6. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

This sermon series graphics brings together some lovely modern elements and a bit of symbolism. This series, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” was created for Life Church and is inspired by the U2 song of the same title. 

Similarly to #4, this graphic is a bit moody and mysterious. The usage of big, bold letters really draws your attention to the theme of the series, which centers on trying to find happiness but never truly finding it. The picture in the foreground shows people rushing around in the hustle and bustle of life on a busy city street. This truly symbolizes the struggle of constantly striving but never finding what we’re looking for.

7. Serendipity

The last sermon series graphic on our list is for Beebe Memorial Cathedral for their series “Serendipity.” This graphic pulls all of the stops with its modern vibe, monochromatic design, and great symbolism.

Serendipity is when something unexpected happens that brings happiness to your life. This series centers on “The Unexpected Blessing” that is found in the Bible. The photo chosen for this graphic couldn’t be more perfect for expressing what serendipity feels like. The photo is paired with a monochromatic color scheme, beautiful use of depth, and a big, bold font that makes the title clear. 

Another added element to this series graphic is the bottom portion which includes information about the church and its social media handles. This little touch can be beneficial in your series graphics to keep updated and get them further connected.

That’s a wrap! Sermon series are one of the greatest tools you can use to get your congregation engaged and touch on a particular topic in your community. Utilizing a great sermon series graphic can help get the point across and keep your series branding consistent and easy to recognize.

Do you have a sermon series coming up? Then, our team at PMF Creative can hook you up! Our incredible group of graphic designers can bring your sermon series to life through custom-created sermon series graphics, videos, and more! Contact us today to get started.

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