Easy Tips to Enhance Your LinkedIn Business Page

Clint Rogers


Clint Rogers


February 17, 2022

Easy Tips to Enhance Your LinkedIn Business Page

When you hear the phrase “social media,” the first thing that comes to mind is probably Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. However, one of the social platforms that may slip your mind is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network and is one of the veterans of the social media movement. The platform launched in 2003, and its purpose was to connect professionals across various industries and organizations. LinkedIn brought the principle of “networking” to the web and enabled business leaders to make meaningful connections.

Similar to other social media platforms, LinkedIn is not reserved for just individual usage. Businesses and organizations can create their own LinkedIn profiles to connect with prospective clients, partners, and future employees. 

LinkedIn is not only great for connecting with others, but it is so helpful for establishing your public image through transparency, company values, and insider/employee perspectives.

If you haven’t picked upon it yet, we highly recommend creating a LinkedIn profile if you haven’t yet! Even if you have, we want to give you a few tips and tricks to enhance your LinkedIn business page. We hope that these pointers will propel you to make more meaningful connections with potential partners!

Upload a great profile image and banner

Your profile image is the first thing people searching for your company on LinkedIn will see, so make a good impression. Company Pages with profile pictures get six times more visitors than those without.

Choosing a LinkedIn profile image is straightforward: take your company logo (the same one you’re using on your other social media channels) and resize it to fit the platform’s requirements.

The profile banner above your company logo offers a bit more room for creativity, as there are no hard-and-fast rules for using this space (other than some sizing requirements).

1. Fill out and optimize all sections of your page

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is worth noting that completing this step is vital for a more effective LinkedIn business page.

A business profile on LinkedIn doesn’t have the same sections as an individual profile does, but they serve a similar purpose. Your business profile should give viewers a clear picture of your company, what it offers, and how it can be a benefit to the client or potential employee. 

Your business profile should almost serve as the Cliffs Notes of your company website. The information an employee is seeking to know should be spelled out. Make sure to include pertinent information about your company through filling out the sections LinkedIn offers. This includes “about” info, website, company size, headquarters, founding year, specialties, and more. 

Like Google, LinkedIn has its search parameters for ranking company pages in search results. So, just like you consider SEO for your website, you need to factor it in for your Linkedin Business Page. 

 Especially in your “About Us” section, it’s important to incorporate keywords to ensure your company page comes up in the right searches. Use this section to describe your business, expertise, and industry to attract searchers to your company page instead of your competitors’. If you are still new to SEO, checkout these SEO tips for beginners!

2. Share mission-centric posts

Keeping the mission in mind on your LinkedIn profile will help to give a great first impression and also solidify the strength of your brand image. After perfecting your “about me” section, you can share further details about your mission throughout your post feed.

Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn has a news feed where companies and individuals alike can share posts, articles, videos, PDFs, and images. This feed lends itself to sharing snippets about your company values, work, and mission with your community on Linkedin. 

LinkedIn isn’t like other social media platforms: it is specifically designed for business and professional networking. You don’t need to hold back from sharing some more details, statistics, and company business on your posts – this is the content your connections are eager to see!

3. Don’t Use Links (Sometimes!)

Linkedin reported that posts with links tend to see 45% higher engagement than those without. 

This is great news if you’re looking to bring people from social media to your website to learn more about your organization.

However, posting the same style of post every single time can get old and can easily be scrolled past. Instead, use an occasional post without a link! 

If you use linkless posts sparingly, they will stand out. Posts that feature thought-provoking or inspirational content tend to get high engagement, even without a link.

4. Share job postings

LinkedIn has a special section where companies can share job postings on their pages. This section allows you to share active job opportunities as well as potential future ones. Continually updating and adding to this section is a helpful way to enhance your page, make more connections, and even hire new employees.

Just as you would for other online job boards, you will want to create concise and detailed job postings. Include exact descriptions of the job, benefits, qualifications, salary, location, and any other relevant information. 

This section is helpful because it offers even more chances for reaching new people who also believe in your mission. These connections have the option to be notified if your company shares any new jobs and can even apply early to future jobs.

5. Utilize videos and articles

It wouldn’t be a social media tips and tricks list without us mentioning video! Video is by far one of the important types of media we share online. Lucky for us, LinkedIn is putting a huge emphasis on video. 

VIdeos can be used in posts, in your company about me, the life section, and many other places. Videos can also be used in conjunction with articles, a unique feature of LinkedIn. 

Articles are meant to be used to share more information about professional development, developments in the field, industry expertise, and even for sharking brand marketing messages. 

Combining video content with articles can help you hit two birds with one stone on your LinkedIn business page. It will help you read both the visual and reading learners and enable you to share information and insight from your company.

LinkedIn has become more than just a place to meet people in the workplace. It has become a vital part of the social media sphere, allowing businesses to get down to the nitty-gritty of their company and make inside connections. 

While Instagram and Facebook are wonderful for connecting with the masses, Linkedin lets you get ultra-specific and opens up the door to growth for your business! Fully completing your profile, fine-tuning your copy, sharing your mission, posting jobs, and utilizing videos and articles are great steps to take to enhance your LinkedIn business page!

Our social media team can help you make an impact online and connect with more partners. We can help you grow your business LinkedIn profile to make further connections, spread your mission, and ignite growth! Reach out to us today to learn more!

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