How To Use Video To Reach People Online

How To Use Video To Reach People Online

The Internet had a "Video Killed the Radio Star" [if you haven't heard this song, you can listen to it here] moment as a significant shift in the technology world happened yet again. Anyone, anywhere, could post their own personal video on YouTube. From cute kitten videos to expert tutorials, YouTube has a video about almost anything.

From this point, the visual experience began to take precedence over textual and audio content and completely transformed the way we consume content online.

Personal videos have only increased in popularity ever since. YouTube, Vine (R.I.P.), Snapchat, Instagram, and now TikTok have been among the most popular social media platforms utilized by the Millennial Generation and Generation Z in the modern-day.

Studies have shown that 89% of Generation Zers use YouTube, 74% use Instagram and 68% use Snapchat weekly.

This shift in content creation and consumption does not just have major implications in the world but also has a considerable impact on the church. With the capabilities we now have with video, we can share the message of Jesus with thousands more than we could 15 years ago.

Video is by far one of the most effective ways to reach people online, especially if we are aiming to reach those in younger generations. But how can you use video to reach people and also engage your existing church community? Keep reading for our suggestions!


We already know that a fantastic church website is the first step in engaging potential visitors to your church - if you need a website upgrade, talk to our amazing PMF Creative team. A great way to enhance your site's look right off the bat is to add a custom made video to your site header.

Using a video for the header can serve as a way for your audience to visually experience what your church is like.

You can implement clips of worship, church events, small groups, and your pastor preaching. This short clip's purpose should be to ultimately highlight your church's culture and serve as an introduction to who you are and what you believe in. Check out the incredible website video Pro Media Fire developed for Kingdom Fellowship.


If you've been to church for any amount of time, you know that someone comes on the stage during a portion of the service and welcomes new guests to church. You also understand that sometimes we have a tendency to zone out when the hosts are going through the new visitor instructions.

However, if you want to engage visitors, make them feel welcome, and ensure they don't zone out too, you can use video to help.

A unique way to spice up the welcome portion of service is through a customized welcome video highlighting all the primary new visitor information. This video should be relatively short and can serve to invite visitors, inform them how long service will run/what it will look like, and any other relevant information they would need to know. You can even use this video as a call to action to get visitors more connected to your community!


Want to get your church excited for your sermon series? There is no better way to do this than through an engaging, custom made sermon bumper video. Sermon bumpers are short, stylized videos that introduce your congregation to a particular sermon series. These videos are great for kickstarting service or for transitioning from worship to the message.

Pro Media Fire's team of creative professionals can help you make the perfect sermon video with your church's original vision.

These videos can be used in service and even on your social media to promote your new sermon series. You can also utilize a custom sermon bumper for your Christian and Easter services.


We live in a sound bite world, and while some people will take the time to watch a full-length sermon on your church's YouTube page or Facebook, many more people will have the propensity to view brief clips. That's where sermon hot spot videos come into play.

These hot spot videos fill the news feed of many larger churches and serve as a sneak peek into the message while engaging the audience with the major highlights.

These videos are especially great for Instagram because you have options on how much of the message you share. You can stick with a 1-minute sermon clip for your feed or opt for a slightly longer clip that can be shared on IGTV.

These clips can be adorned with your sermon series design or can have simple textual captions displayed on them too. Adding text within the video is a great bonus because your viewers don't need to have their sound on to still receive the message you're sharing!


Another powerful way you can use video to reach people online is through church promotional videos. There are 2 significant ways you can go about promoting your church and church events.  

You can first opt to pay for online advertising through your choice of social media platform or even Google Ads.

Throwing a few dollars toward paid promotion can go a very long way and reach people based on customized criteria such as location and age.

Another way to use promo videos is through an organic route where you simply share the videos on your church's account. In addition to sharing on your church social accounts, you can have your church staff share promo videos on their own personal accounts.

Both paid and organic advertising are both great methods for reaching people through video.


One other way to use video to reach people online is through an engaging outreach video. When it comes down to it, outreach doesn't usually happen within your church building - it occurs online. So, you will want to be outwardly focused when posting to social media or your website. There is definitely a time and place to share your church's internal events and news, but the Internet and social media sphere are the prime places for outreach.

So how exactly can you use video for outreach?

Think about your church's mission and who you are trying to reach. Trying to reach Generation Z? Consider a funny video or trending TikTok challenge. Want to reach skeptics? Use a video that answers some of the most prominent faith questions. Want to reach families? Highlight your kid's ministries and real-life family testimonies.

There are a thousand different ways you can use video for outreach. The main goal is to make sure your authentic church identity shines through, and you always think of your audience first!

Video is an essential part of our outreach efforts in the church and is something vital if we want to reach younger generations and the unchurched alike.

Video often says much more than merely a text-heavy post or blog honestly could. They give your audience visual proof of your community's values, culture, and beliefs. In the coming season in your church, considering investing in high-quality videos to enhance your impact!

Want to know more about how PMF Creative can be a part of your team and reach more people with video? Click the button below to get started!

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