Fall Graphic Design Trends for 2021

Janine Dueck


Janine Dueck


September 14, 2021

Fall Graphic Design Trends for 2021

Fall is finally upon us! This new season is marked by cooler weather, fun outdoor activities, and of course, the re-emergence of pumpkin spice. With this brand new season comes a new wave of design trends to be considered. While we are busy decking out our houses and wardrobes with fall-centric design pieces, the digital design world is also following suit!

Check out these 4 graphic design trends that will bring your digital and print design to the next level this fall!

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1. Muted Color Palettes

While summer was a season of poppy, vibrant color palettes, fall colors take it down a notch with a mellow feel. A trend in graphic design for the fall is to utilize muted color tones instead of high contrast colors. 

The equation for making a muted color is simple: pure color HUE + white or black = muted color. The equation is simple, but depending on the feel you are going for, adding white or black can change the mood of your design. For example, opt for muted black shades if you are looking for a more mysterious, dark look. If you want a light and airy feel, opt for muted white tints. 

If you want to know a bit more about shades, tint, and general color theory, we nerd out about it

If you want to achieve a trendy monochromatic look, you can even pair together your white and black muted colors. Overall, utilizing several different muted colors togethers makes for a very beautiful and exquisite design. Using colors such as mustard yellow, terracotta, and olive can add an additional autumnal element too!

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2. Abstract Illustrations 

Illustrations have made a huge comeback lately, and fall of 2021 is no exception. Incorporating intricate, unique illustrations has helped as stray from the popular symmetrical and sharp designs of the past few years. They bring out a personal element and give a handmade feel to design.

What better way to highlight the “coziness” of fall than to bring in some hand drawn, relaxed illustrations! 

There are a ton of different ways you can utilize abstract illustrations in your design and this style looks especially beautiful on print materials. You can also use these unique illustrations for fall event invitations on your social media and other digital media. 

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3. Unique Typography + Color Contrast

This trend goes along with the simplicity and mellow feel of the muted color palette trend, but it brings in a bit of flair with fun contrast, color play, and unique typography. Typography is probably one of the most overlooked parts of graphic design but can truly make or break a design piece. 

Need some help picking out fonts? We definitel recommendy avoid using or overusing these fonts

If you want your unique font piece to be the central focus of your design, pairing it with muted colors can create a gorgeous effect. You can keep it plain Jane, or you can opt to add a pop of color! Encompassed in this design trend is a combination of 2-4 muted colors and an epic typography element. 

There is a lot of creativity to tap into with this trend. Consider pairing colors that you wouldn’t normally think would go together – the results can be so cool! You can surely bring in a monochrome element, but choosing a few seemingly disharmonious colors can make the design stand out.

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4. Layers, Shapes, & Elements - Oh My!

Our last fall design trend keeps in step with some of the other more minimalist design trends on this list. This trend, however, offers a chance for your design to bring together illustrative elements with more natural elements. 

This style is marked by a photographic focal point, such as a person or nature scene, and a ton of other intricate elements. These elements can include illustrative shapes, text wrapping, and various font weights. This style gives what we can only describe as a minimalist collage. Everything is quite symmetrical, but the various layers of unique elements give the design depth and movement.

You could go totally rogue on this design trend and throw in more abstract illustrations, squiggly lines, or higher contrast colors too! It really depends on whether you want a more rigid or more relaxed design feel!

As the fall season comes upon us and bright colors of summer fade away, these fall designs will help you keep on trend with the cozy feel of the season!

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