10 Easter Designs That Will Inspire Your Creativity

Janine Dueck


Janine Dueck


April 8, 2022

10 Easter Designs That Will Inspire Your Creativity

We don’t mean to brag here, but we’re gonna do it anyway!

Our team at PMF Creative has gone above and beyond this Easter season with some seriously incredible graphics, videos, and more. They have been up to the challenge of bringing fresh, trendy content to this vitally important holiday in the life of the church.

The purpose is to both hype up our incredible team and also provide you with some Easter designs that will seriously inspire your creativity!

Without further ado, let’s get started with our list of scroll-stopping Easter designs!

  1. Abstract Elements
abstract elements

We featured this wonderful design on our blog 10 Spring Fonts To Try In Your Church’s Easter Designs, but it is worth repeating here.

This simplistic design brings a great combination of an abstract feel with some eye-catching elements. Easter design lends itself to many different symbolic images such as crosses, flowers, and even open tombs. This design marries a soft color palette with one of these staple Easter symbols (the cross on the hill).

This is more of a promotional graphic than an informational one but serves a wonderful purpose for in-service slides and even in an email newsletter. This design is subtle, concise, and shoots straight to the point with lovely spring-toned colors and elements.

  1. Neon Vibes
neon vibes

This electric design packs a huge punch with vibrant neon hues and a unique font face.

Similar to our first design, this Easter graphic is short, sweet, and to the point. It doesn’t contain some of the usual imagery you’d typically find in an Easter graphic, but it still plays on colors of the season quite nicely. Although the majority of the graphic is vibrant neon, there is an incredible use of the negative space in “Easter” that is filled with softer pastel colors.

Our design team knocked this out of the park by bringing together the soft tones of spring with the bright color palette with a straight-up Miami vibe.

  1. Light & Airy Easter
Light & Airy Easter

This lovely Easter design is a breath of fresh air and truly is one of our favorite designs. This graphic includes most of the major hallmark elements you’d expect to see in an Easter or spring design: ethereal script typeface, light pastels, and symbolic images.

This design is unique because it brings together real-life images with abstract shapes and icons. The use of color (both in the included photos and symbols) doesn’t distract from the central message of the graphic but enhances it.

This design piece for Easter is simultaneously a minimalist and maximalist’s dream all in one!

  1. Print Perfection
print perfection

The majority of the design pieces we have highlighted so far are those whose primary use is digitally, but this stunning graphic was created for good old-fashioned print.

The Easter season at churches brings a lot more print material than most weekends of the year. This church decided to include a Lenten study guide for the Easter season at this church, and one of our designers fashioned it with the loveliest cover.

The beauty of the graphic design is that it enables the designer to incorporate almost hidden elements in the design itself. This graphic, in particular, has so many! Palm branches, the names of Jesus in the background, and the wooden beams in the “I AM” statement are highly symbolic in the grand story of Easter.

This study guide is chock-full of just plain intuitive design elements and is an excellent example of quality print design.

  1. Radiant Colors
radiant colors

Surprise surprise — we’re hitting you with another symbolic Easter design!

Unlike some previous designs, this graphic piece highlights a statement rather than the typical “Easter” focal point. While the purpose of this service is quite clear (an invitation to this church’s Easter worship service), the eye is drawn to the phrase “Behold the Lamb.” The lamb is one of the most important symbols you can use for Easter, and the way it is incorporated in this lovely design is very unique.

An image of the lamb rests behind the phrase, and a ray of light emanates from it. Light beams are often symbolic of glory, and this element only further highlights the glory of the Lamb.

To not distract from the main message, the color palette behind the front element is soft and subtle yet indicative of a popular gradient-type design often seen with Easter graphics. There is a lot of goodness in this Easter graphic, and it is truly radiant!

  1. Colorful Kid Fun
Colorful Kid Fun

Who doesn’t love a good Easter egg hunt? One of our designers was tasked with creating an event graphic for a church’s children’s ministry and brought all of the vibrant colors to it!

Easter and spring are the perfect seasons to bring out all the stops with color and doing this with kids and youth graphics is the perfect fit. Vibrant and fun, this design includes eclectic illustrations and a clear message — the egg hunt is coming up!

This design has far fewer real-life elements than some of the previous designs, but it is eye-catching nonetheless and really emanates that youthful vibe you can expect in kid’s ministry designs. This graphic just screams “joy!”

  1. Stellar for Social
Stellar for Social

Okay, y’all. If this graphic doesn’t stop the scroll, we don’t know what will!

Social media is saturated with a ton of different content. From images to videos, our feeds are full of loads of information that can get a bit mindless after a while. But this Easter graphic is bound to stop the social media in their tracks.

Colorful, bright, and full of texture, this design has a simple message with many intricacies. The movement in this image is spurred by what seems to be beams of bright light, colorful gradients, and a very subtle texture layer. Although it lacks some of the typical Easter symbols, it still bodes well with the vibrancy of the spring season.

  1. Scripture Duotone
Scripture Duotone

One of the more popular graphic types for social media for churches includes some sort of quote or verse reference from the Bible. These graphics are essential for churches because it is a great way to spread the message of the Gospel with your followers.

This graphic has some great Easter symbolism married with the message of Jesus and what He accomplished for humanity on Good Friday. The truly distinctive part of this design is the usage of duotone colorization (a fancy way of saying two contrasting colors put together). The color usage isn’t typical of the pastel spring colors, but it serves as a way to highlight the main point of the graphic: the Scripture!

  1. Vibrant Layers
Vibrant Layers

Color and symbolism play a huge role in this fun Easter design piece.

We’ve had a few examples of more neon color palettes, and this design takes the power of neon color up a notch. This design purposefully pulls your eye to the very middle of the image. The background is dull and colorless, but the central point is vibrant and almost radiates (just like design #5).

The crown of thorns rests purposefully beneath the “Easter” and is lit up with bursts of color all around it. Whether it was purposeful or not, this design is saying that the work of Jesus brings light and life to our world.

  1. Empty Tomb
empty tomb

Last but not least on our list of inspiring Easter graphics, we have this simple design mixed with realism and imagery.

This Easter graphic may seem like just a simple mixture of typography and an image, but it represents so much more. The hallmark symbol of Easter is the empty tomb. It is what our faith rests on — the reality that Jesus rose from the grave and triumphed over death! Nothing represents Easter better than an image of the empty tomb.

The cool part about this graphic? The symbol of the radiance of the glory of God is placed just at the passageway of the tomb. This representation of glory ushers in a celebration of God’s victory and the glory of His resurrection!

There you have it, folks! If you made it through this blog without being inspired, we’d be more surprised than the Roman soldiers who realized Jesus’ tomb was empty that Sunday.

We hope that these Easter graphics boosted your creativity and have gotten you excited to enter into this wonderful Easter 2022 season! If you need help with eye-catching graphics or designs that tell a story, our design team can help! Contact us to get started.

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