7 Churches To Watch On Social Media

Janine Dueck


Janine Dueck


May 4, 2022

7 Churches To Watch On Social Media

Over the past several years, churches all around the globe have been making waves on social media. Many of them have been able to leverage their creative storytelling, high-quality design, and engaging content to have a major impact on their online audience. 

Much of the beautiful artwork, music, and other areas of culture have been crafted by Christians. Social media and creative design are certainly being tacked on that list.

Many churches out there are not content to just make mundane content and use social media because they have to. They do it because they understand they can shift the culture online. And this is exactly what churches have been able to do!

We want to highlight several churches that are killing it on social media.

These churches are incredible in their graphic design, engagement, and overall content. These are the churches you can look to glean some wisdom on how to do social well, see the types of content that are making waves, and also get some great inspiration.

Keep in mind that the point of this list is not for you to compare yourself to these churches. The goal is to inspire you and get you thinking about what you can do to make an impact on social media!

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1. Transformation Church - Youtube

Years ago, YouTube may have not been considering a social media platform, but in 2021 this video sharing site has transformed into the hub of all things video and social connection. Transformation Church has been able to leverage YouTube in a way that some organizations can only dream of.

Currently sitting at 1.31 million subscribers at the writing of this blog, Transformation Church has blown up on YouTube and is one of the most subscribed to church pages on the platform.

Transformation has seen much success in this digital age because they meet completely online. Church members make their connections via the web and go to Transformation’s YouTube channel to watch sermons and interact with other church members.

Overall, Transformation’s YouTube page is about as top-notch as you can get. Sermons are organized by their series, recent messages are easy to find, and the page includes other resources such as “Represent TV” and a community comment section.

2. Christian Fellowship Church - Facebook

Regardless of the big dogs like Instagram and YouTube, Facebook is still a very popular social media platform and is perfect for churches to utilize. Christian Fellowship Church is a great example of a church that gets it and uses Facebook very well.

This church, based out of Belfast, Ireland, is excellent at keeping content fresh and engaging on their page. On their Facebook, you will find a variety of different types of content from sermons, to kids resources, to encouraging quote graphics.

Like many churches nowadays, CFC understands that video is highly important, especially on Facebook which is beginning to put much more emphasis on video. Their sermons, personal devotional videos, and others feature a ton of different faces and only add to their already incredibly engaging content.

If you’re thinking of giving up on Facebook for your church, check out CFC’s page and think again!

3. Amplify Church - Instagram

If you want to see an incredibly gorgeous and inspiring church Instagram account, look no further than Amplify Church. This Pittsburgh-based church is one of the greatest at overall design aesthetic which is a mixture of minimalism and real-life photos.

One of the greatest features of their Instagram is their emphasis on photos of real people and real moments from church services. These photos and videos, along with the well-written and genuine caption copy, make each of their posts very intentional and compelling.

Amplify Church shares a decent amount of videos that include worship moments, specialty videos like this one from Black History Month, and other personal testimony videos.

Another thing they do is make an album of Sunday service photos available to all of their followers. That way, their followers can retrieve the high-quality photos from the service for their personal use.

Amplify is killing the social media game and is definitely a church you need to watch.

4. Church on the Move - Facebook

Another Facebook MVP is Church on the Move out of Tulsa, OK. This church knows exactly what they are doing to vibe with the Facebook algorithm and share engaging videos, graphics, and posts.

What you often see on church Facebook pages is content that was automatically posted from an existing Instagram post. This is not the case for Church on the Move. Each Facebook post is tailored specifically for the platform which is evident in their use of tags of staff and members of their church. This small detail further builds connections between the church and its members.

Church on the Move shares their Sunday sermons as well as personal videos from the pastor and staff, short archives of service photos. They have great engagement with their followers and are constantly replying to and interacting with them.

5. Cross Point Church - Twitter

Twitter may seem to be an underdog when it comes to church social media usage, but it is still a platform that can make a major impact. Cross Point Church is a fantastic example of a church that does Twitter very well. 

Like Facebook, Twitter has also transformed from a primarily text-heavy platform to include videos and photos. The one standout feature is the shareability and propensity for things to go “viral.” Think about all of the Facebook or Instagram posts that are just doctored-up versions of a tweet!

Cross Point’s Twitter content is next level. They don’t just skimp on their Tweets but put a lot of time and effort into creating posts that are engaging, personal, and shareable.

Their stand-out feature is the quality of their copy. You would be hard-pressed to find a Tweet that didn’t include a photo or video, but each one contains very high-quality copy that is intentional and powerful. Cross Point Church is a church to look to if you want to up your social media game.

6. Kingdom City - Instagram

An important part of a church’s social media presence is compelling storytelling. Kingdom City is a church that knows exactly how to utilize storytelling to have a major impact online.

This church, based out of Singapore, brings personal stories in their community to life through their Instagram page. When you scroll their feed, you will see testimony after testimony and get a glimpse at how God is moving and working in their community.

Their grid in general is an eclectic mixture of beautiful professional photography and graphics and also more raw, authentic photos as well. Their profile is not as video-heavy, but their stories are so compelling you can’t help but want to read more.

Kingdom City is proof that a lot of the time the most engaging content is simply personal stories, praises, and testimonials. If you want to up your church’s game in storytelling, definitely check out Kingdom City.

7. Mercy Culture - Instagram

Last but certainly not least on our list of churches to watch on social media is Mercy Culture. This Texas-based church brings a freshness to social media unlike many of the other church accounts out there.

Mercy Culture puts a high emphasis on the power of worship and worship moments. The rawness of their content demands that you stop the scroll and pay attention to what is happening in the community.

They emphasize video and testimonies as well but are also extremely intentional about their Instagram story content. Their posts, especially on Sundays, are very compelling and simply clean and concise.

Mercy Culture is also very good at riding the waves of trends in a way that is humorous and relevant to their community. They have a spinoff page, Mercy Culture Memes, that includes a ton of hilarious content relevant to their community.

If you didn’t know that churches can kill it on social media too, now you know! If you are looking to get better at storytelling, create engaging content, and up your video usage, these churches are the perfect starting point to get some inspiration from!

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