6 Best Sermon Bumpers & Video Animations

Jessie Garcia


Jessie Garcia


February 12, 2021

6 Best Sermon Bumpers & Video Animations

There are so many unique and incredible things we can do through video. We can evoke deep emotions, convince otherwise inconvincible people, and entertain in an impactful way.

Within the church, the possibilities of using video are endless! Video can add value to our online services, in-person experiences, website, and social feeds. There are many different ways your church can use video, and we want to highlight two very popular types: sermon bumpers and video animations.

Check out this list of the 6 best sermon bumpers and video animations for some great inspiration to implement these types of videos in your church!

1. Church@home - Churchome

This video, shared by Churchome of Seattle, Washington, is the perfect example of quality video animation. The purpose of this video is clear right from the get-go: Churchome wants to inform and invite people to their house church experiences that happen all across the world.

The video features modern, abstract people of all different diversities as they enjoy community with others. The video highlights information about church@home and the church’s purpose behind it. The editing is seamless, and design is clean, and the message is abundantly clear.

2. The Struggle is Real - Transformation Church

Transformation Church is one of the greatest names out there when it comes to videos and especially sermon bumpers. This video is the perfect mixture of quirky editing styles, humor, and simple animation.

The video starts with a sitcom-Esque intro with a very fun and skillfully animated video sequence. The sermon bumper and the others from this same series highlight a classic everyday struggle such as running out of milk with a huge bowl of cereal.

This sermon bumper is a great example of how including a fun, brief video can bring an extra special touch to your church services!

3. Things Jesus Never Said - Life.Church

Life.Church is another church that does an amazing job with its highly interesting and captivating sermon bumpers. They specifically do an excellent job at tapping into popular culture and spinning it with their church-specific take.

This video is not overly technical but can get its point across in just under 30 seconds. It features things Jesus never said, such as “YOLO” and “follow Me... on Twitter.” This video taps into popular meme culture and serves as a humorous way to introduce Life.Church members to the series.

4. Gospel of the Kingdom - The Bible Project

The Bible Project is an incredible organization that specializes in creating video animations of Bible stories interactively and compellingly. They are by far one of the best at their craft and have taken on the immense task of bringing the stories of the Bible to life through animation.

This video, as well as their others, features highly detailed animation that plays beneath compelling voice overs. These videos bring the Sculpture to life in a way that anyone can enjoy.

5. The Church Defined - The Pixel Preacher

This sermon series bumper is a beautiful example of videos that truly captivate you. This wordless video features a lovely, symphony-Esque background track that drives the video from the very get-go.

The delicate design in the video features a modern gradient style and incredible animation throughout. The video itself is so lovely to watch and grabs your attention from the beginning to the end.

6. Close By - Full of Eyes

The last animation video on our list is this gorgeous music video made by Full of Eyes. This YouTube channel features several different animation music videos and stories that feature intricate details and symbolism throughout.

This video evokes powerful emotions as the story of Christ’s upbringing is spelled out alongside the narrative of our sin. This 6-minute video packs in a ton of scripture and stories alongside a lyrically gorgeous song by worship band New Albany. This combination of video, story, and music creates a beautiful masterpiece that highlights the power of video to pull on your heartstrings.

We know churches and ministries alike will continue to produce incredible sermon series and animation videos in the coming years. Are you ready to include video into your church’s services and online presence?

Our team at Pro Media Fire includes highly skilled video designers who can bring your vision to life! We offer sermon bumpers, animation videos, message hot spot videos, and more. Contact us today with any questions!

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