5 Summer-Inspired Color Palettes For Your Brand

Janine Dueck


Janine Dueck


May 21, 2021

5 Summer-Inspired Color Palettes For Your Brand

Summer is just around the corner. Can we get a hallelujah!? 

Just as it is in the fashion industry, every new season comes a brand new color scheme that fits the particular season. 

Staying in tune with the season is extremely important in graphic design because it helps keep our graphics looking fresh and relevant. 
For example, you wouldn’t want to design with a bunch of black and gray tones during the middle of July. It would be the same as someone wearing all-black outside at the swimming pool! Sorry Wednesday Adams.

On the contrary, you usually think of bright, vibrant, eye-catching colors and color schemes when you think of summer. These types of colors are perfect to utilize in your designs for youth summer camps, vacation Bible schools, sermon clips, and series designs for your church. 

We’re sharing a few of our favorite summer-inspired color palettes for you to utilize in your branding to bring all the summer fun vibes to your church design. 

1. Bold, Bright, and Analogous 

When you think of summertime, bright colors are usually the first to come to mind. A bold and bright color palette will really grab your viewers’ attention both on your social media and website. Using analogous colors, or colors near each other on the color wheel, will bring a sense of harmony to the design. Adding in an additional color that is more complementary will bring in just the right amount of pop.

Utilizing this color palette in your design can especially pack a punch when used for printouts for things such as summer camp invitations and especially youth events. This palette brings a very youthful look to design and is truly hard to scroll past without doing a double-take.

2. Monochrome Magic

Monochrome color palettes are simple, clean, and can really add sophistication to design for your brand. This type of design incorporates a few different shades, tones, or hues of a single color and uses these different colors to create depth in design. 

Read more about all things monochrome here

There are endless color possibilities with a monochrome design that you can use to achieve a feminine look, grungy look, simplistic look, and so much more. You can pair a monochrome palette with a soft, handwritten font or a bold block font. 

A popular trend in 2021 is to utilize a monochrome palette alongside a grayscale design to bring a subtle and fun color pop.

This palette is very diverse and can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be!

3. Complementary Pastels 

Pastels are big for spring and summertime design and can be extra eye-catching when complementary colors are utilized in a palette. Complementary colors are simply colors opposite each other on the color wheel (ex: blue and orange, yellow and purple). 

You can definitely utilize highly saturated colors when using them in a complementary fashion. But you can most certainly lighten them up a bit to bring an airy yet contrasting look.

This type of palette is ideal for a feminine look for women’s conferences and events.

4. Natural Neutrals

An increasingly popular trend in graphic design is pairing natural elements in photography with subtle pops of color through typography and extra design elements. This type of design is much more minimalistic in nature when it comes to the actual design portion. However, this lends room for a very simple palette that draws inspiration from nature itself.

Neutral colors, especially when they are more muted, can bring a perfect moody look to your design. This type of design is fantastic for the perfect Instagram aesthetic and even for inspiring series bumpers or sermon snippets. 

5. Vibrant Neon

Listen, we know we already said black is basically the antithesis of summer, but when it’s paired with punchy neon colors, it can achieve a very cool and trendy summer aesthetic. A vibrant neon aesthetic, similar to a bold and bright one, brings a very youthful look to design. 

When used well, this palette will stop the scroll and demand attention. Neon green is a very popular color this year and brings the perfect amount of vibrance to any design.

Summer brings warmer weather, brighter spirits, and vibrant colors! Our team at PMF Creative wants to help you bring the perfect pop of color for all of your summer events, social media aesthetic, and overall design plan. Let’s work together to bring a bit of fun to your brand this summer!

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