4 Ways Pro MediaFire Can Help Ignite Your Nonprofit



Aug 4, 2022

4 Ways Pro MediaFire Can Help Ignite Your Nonprofit

Over the past decade or so, philanthropy has become the new buzzword. Individuals across all generations are placing a higher value on charitable organizations and nonprofits than ever before. In fact, almost ⅓ of Generation Z donate to charities and over half of them want their personal work to make a difference in the world. One of the largest growing generations actually cares about philanthropy which is fantastic news for non-profit organizations!

As nonprofit organizations continue to grow and more of them begin to spring up, the need for these organizations to reach donors, volunteers, and partners becomes even more important. It is very important for nonprofits to engage with the people exactly where they are which means reaching them online.

The main problem in deploying a high quality digital strategy as a nonprofit? The people and the money to accomplish it! Because nonprofits by nature reserve their funds for their charitable work, it can be difficult to figure out just how it is possible to run social media, create and manage a website, and tackle email marketing with little funds to do so. 

Our team sat Pro Media Fire and Pro Web Fire make it possible for nonprofits to make an impact in the digital world for less than the cost of a staff hire. We do this by giving you access to an entire creative team who will help you achieve your goals online through their design, web development, social media strategies, and more. Keep reading to see how we can help ignite your nonprofit!

1. Create a stellar website with a engaging donor page

One of the most important aspects of a nonprofit is generating donations from dedicated donors and financial supporters. People give when they truly belie vein a mission and often support organizations that share their values and dog wood work in the world. We want to help you share the mission behind your good work!

Pro Web Fire can help your nonprofit create or revamp your website in order to have the biggest impact when it comes to donation resources. We can help create a donor tab that serves to inform your supporters about the mission and create a simple and concise way to give. 

2. Social Media Strategy

Over half of the world’s population is on social media with almost 80% of American citizens who are active social media users. This means that if you are a U.S. based nonprofit, if you’re not utilizing social media you are missing out on a huge opportunity. 

Social media is used by celebrities, for-profit organizations, churches, influencers, and more to reach a wide audience with little to no financial investment. It allows users to post original content, connect with people one-on-one, and express themselves. It is the perfect way for companies to reach their audience for little to no cost.

Although it has many uses, social media is not a one size fits all. Social platforms have evolved greatly over the years and offer more opportunities to reach different audiences through different apps.

Pro Media Fire can help ignite your growth through utilizing the best social media platforms for your specific mission! Our team can help great engaging videos for your Instagram page, captivating graphics for your Facebook, and high quality copy for your captions. We can work with you to enhance your social media presence, connect with donors, and spread your mission.

3. Graphic design on fire

When working for a nonprofit, a natural part of the job is the necessity to wear many different hats. That is why the person who is supposed to be in charge of donor relations may spend time on phone calls, mailing marketing materials, and even designing the monthly newsletter. 

While needing to serve wherever is needed is a given, we want to make a way for you to focus on the mission rather than the logistics.

A large part of the logistical framework of marketing in a nonprofit is the design aspects involved. Most nonprofit employees or volunteers are not necessarily trained in the nuances of graphic design, but our team at Pro Media Fire is! Our incredible team of designers are highly skilled and are able to produce incredible design projects for your nonprofit.

Whether you need graphics for your Instagram grid or designs for an upcoming event, our team has got you covered!

4. Video design on fire, too!

Nonprofit organizations are all about the people. The people who are being served, the people who volunteer their time, and the people who financially partner with the organization. Nothing is more personal and relatable than the power of storytelling, i.e. the story of your nonprofit!

Our video team at Pro Media Fire can help convey your mission, heart, and goals through a captivating video that can be shared with your audience! We can help you share the heart behind the organization, financial reports and impact, current news, and goals for the future. There are a ton of different ways you can utilize video to impact your supporters and we can help!

Nonprofit organizations are among the most important organizations in the world because they selflessly dedicate their time and resources to make our world a better place. Our mission at Pro Media Fire is to help those who do good do more, and this is exactly what we want to do for you!

As you seek to make a greater impact in the world, consider utilizing our services at Pro Media Fire and Pro Web Fire and we will help you to ignite your nonprofit and change the world!

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